Join the first Thought Leader podcast from openSAP Invites and meet Igor Jablokov, founder and CEO of Pryon. In this series, Jablokov speaks about his life journey, from his early childhood in Greece to founding a voice recognition company where he developed the beginnings of Alexa, Amazon’s world-famous digital assistant, as well as his latest venture, Pryon.

Through these interesting and informative podcasts, listeners can learn more about augmented intelligence—where it comes from, how it can be used, and what the future might look like. In the first episode, now available, Jablokov explains that augmented intelligence is nothing to be feared. Its purpose is not to replace humans with robots in the workplace, but to eliminate repetitive tasks that inhibit human creativity. In doing so, people can be empowered to use their imagination to work more effectively.

Many assume that creators of successful products and leaders of companies come from well-to-do families, attend expensive schools, and have a head start in life. Jablokov describes his background, moving from a small Greek island with no electricity or television to the U.S. When he arrived, he spoke no English, but, undeterred, he learned and eventually mastered the global language of computer programming. Jablokov then paired that skill with the creativity and imagination of his artistic side to advance the emerging field of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented intelligence.

After a successful career at IBM, Jablokov left to pursue an idea that many people thought was crazy at the time — enabling voice control by adding microphones to devices in people’s homes. He has experienced the highs and lows of having a creative mind. With the popularity of digital assistants on the rise over the last few years, it is clear that Jablokov’s idea has come to life and was a truly innovative vision that benefits many households today. Thanks to his determination, we now have virtual personal assistants to help make our lives more enriching.

Like Steve Jobs’ vision of bringing computing to everyone, Jablokov and his team at Pryon are mission-oriented to bring universal access to AI.

Jablokov is a visionary leader with an incredible passion that encourages those around him to combine the worlds of technology and art, driving their work to new heights. Subscribe to this three-part miniseries to hear his thoughts on AI today and the possibilities for the future.