A new openSAP course, Human Experience Management (HXM) – The Next Phase of HR, invites participants to understand core elements of HXM, learn strategies to build effective employee experiences, and receive guidance on how to incorporate HXM concepts into their business strategy.

Human experience management represents a major shift in the focus of human resources (HR) that emphasizes aligning company needs and requirements with employee expectations and experiences in order to create more engaged, agile, healthy, inclusive, and effective organizations​.

Companies need employees to be committed, creative, agile, service-oriented, and collaborative. But people cannot do this well if their work experiences create anxiety, frustration, or disillusionment, or if they feel excluded or unfairly treated. The accelerating pace of change combined with increasing social diversity makes employee experience management critical to building the agile and inclusive workforces that are needed for companies to succeed in the modern economy.

HXM is about understanding and shaping employee experiences to help ensure that employees feel valued, supported, and effective. It is also about whether employees feel effective when completing tasks, whether they get fulfillment from their roles to meet their needs and expectations, and whether they find a sense of teamwork with colleagues. It is about making people feel motivated, supported​, and capable.

Human Experience Management (HXM) – The Next Phase of HR begins October 13 and is available for free to anyone interested in learning more about HXM. The course will span three weeks and feature 11 experts from across SAP, SAP SuccessFactors, and Qualtrics.

Once the HXM course is open, participants can access all the learning content and connect with experts and other learners in the discussion forum. Those interested in earning a Record of Achievement for the course must to complete weekly assignments and a final exam to earn points throughout the course.

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