Faced with the unprecedented challenges of digital transformation, businesses across the globe need people and tools to perform transactions and analyze their business in real time. SAP S/4HANA keeps organizations ahead of the curve.

As with any tool, knowledge of how it works helps ensure people are comfortable and skilled at using it. Training drives and supports change, enabling people to add value to business. Leading companies are making the connection between digital transformation and learning already.

Similar to how work has evolved quickly over the last few months, so has the demand for learning. Software training needs to be available from anywhere and at any time. It should be customized to what teams need, exactly when they need it while they work. To be most effective and personalized, training today should also include the possibility for organizations to create their own, specific learning content. More efficient knowledge transfer translates to higher user adoption rates for project leaders, IT specialists, and end users.

How did SAP S/4HANA learning programs at Capgemini and Alcohol Siberian Group motivate their people and prepare them for change?

Flexible, Cloud-Based Learning Benefits Capgemini

Leading global consulting agency Capgemini needs to stay on the cutting edge of rapidly evolving SAP S/4HANA capabilities. After all, knowledge is key to differentiate in the marketplace. SAP Learning Hub is its flexible, cloud-based learning solution. It offers Capgemini continuous learning with 24/7 access to training content.

Members of SAP Learning Hub join learning communities called SAP Learning Rooms. Here, users interact with trainers and moderators and learn from one another. Seventy-nine percent of community members achieved their learning goals more easily by actively participating in SAP Learning Rooms on SAP Learning Hub. And as SAP S/4HANA evolves, so does the knowledge of project teams, consultants, and end users. Not only is building skills important but maintaining them is also essential. Capgemini saw results of improved pass rates for certification and increased staff motivation.


“SAP Learning Hub has been key in achieving our global certification targets, as it enables us to provide our employees with Web-based access to learning resources that help them constantly refresh their skills so they can deliver a superior service to customers.”

– Elisabetta Spontoni, vice president and
global head of SAP Operations, Capgemini

Customized Training for Implementation at Alcohol Siberian Group

The writing was on the wall for Alcohol Siberian Group. Keeping up with growth and customer demands meant a digital transformation was needed. More specifically, to improve its supply chain management and update the go-to-market strategy, the company needed SAP S/4HANA and to upskill its people.

The group used SAP Enable Now to create more than 500 unique training courses and over 300 pieces of training content. SAP Enable Now is a learning solution that offers content creation and a library of training resources embedded in SAP S/4HANA. Alcohol Siberian Group took advantage of the content library, customized it, and increased adoption rate during the implementation of SAP S/4HANA. Now its employees are prepared with practical skills before beginning projects.

“SAP Enable Now helps us guarantee that only trained users will work in our new system based on SAP S/4HANA. Errors occur less, and our specialists feel more confident and in control. Thanks to the training, employees see SAP S/4HANA as easy to use.”

– Yuliya Kuratova, HRD, Alcohol Siberian Group

Learning for Successful User Adoption

Like Capgemini and Alcohol Siberian Group, many companies need to increase user adoption and train their people to transform their business.

“We see that customers who invest in training have faster and more successful SAP S/4HANA projects,” said Guido Grüne, senior vice president of Training and Adoption at SAP.

But during the current pandemic, traditional, in-person training is not possible in many parts of the world. However, as mentioned above, there are many alternatives. The good news is that instructor-led training for SAP S/4HANA is still available in areas where in-person training is on hold. SAP Live Class participants can experience instructor-led training and interaction with other learners online. Hybrid approaches that mix in-person and online training are also available.