SAP Named a Top 20 Highest Rated Company for Work-Life Balance During COVID-19 by Glassdoor


The shift to working from home has been an adjustment for all. Spurred by COVID-19, it has affected company policies, managerial styles, mental health, and much more. A recent report by Glassdoor Economic Research looked at the highest rated companies for work-life balance during COVID-19.

Glassdoor has recognized SAP as one of the Top 20 Highest Rated Companies for Work-Life Balance During COVID-19.

Glassdoor analyzed employee reviews left on company pages between March 1, 2020, and September 30, 2020, in order to identify the top companies for work-life balance. The list was compiled using reviews left on Glassdoor from current and former U.S. and UK-based employees. All companies on the list had at least 75 work-life balance reviews during the time period.

The technology industry was most represented on the top 20 list, with eight companies. Healthcare and other industries such as insurance, real estate, and nonprofits were also represented.

Among employee reviews on Glassdoor, the topic of mental health rose 42% versus pre-lockdown in February. In the UK, mental health as a topic rose 76%.

SAP is invested in its people and their well-being, and cares as much about the journey as succeeding together. The company enables this through flexible hours, benefits in and out of work, and a focus on mental health. In a reimagined remote work environment, prioritizing the things we enjoy the most will define the new face of work and life. SAP strives to find this balance. Today, employees have more software tools and resources at their disposal thanks to company investments.

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