SAP Crystal Solutions: Ringing in Decade Four with More Powerful Analytics and Reporting Capabilities


SAP has ushered in the fourth decade of business intelligence from the SAP Crystal solutions. Since the early days in 1991 with Quik Reports from Crystal Services, the solution portfolio has been deployed to address the data analysis and reporting challenges of small to midsize businesses (SMBs) all over the world. The offering was purpose-built to aid SMBs in taking control of their corporate data.

Now, with 30 years in the market, SAP Crystal solutions are continuing to make it simpler to analyze and represent key data with the latest December 2020 release of SAP Crystal Reports 2020 and SAP Crystal Server 2020.

This news means a lot to me personally, since I started my career at SAP supporting the SMB business and quickly became familiar with the grassroots success stories and dedicated customer base of the SAP Crystal solutions — check out independent reviews on G2 Crowd, Capterra, and TrustRadius. Now, as the head of Marketing for SAP Digital Commerce – the team that’s responsible for our online SAP Store – I’m proud to do my part to continue to make it simple and easy for users to find, try, and buy these solutions digitally, online, for quicker access than ever before.

Newest Enhancements and Key Benefits for Users

These latest releases bring several new and updated benefits to SAP Crystal solutions. The applications now run on 64-bit and geo-map targeting has been implemented for a more complete understanding of regional sales, customer demographics, and more. Increased pixel-perfect reporting capabilities help create high-quality reports and dashboards that can be securely shared with internal and external stakeholders.

SAP Crystal Reports 2020 lets users connect to nearly any data source including databases, spreadsheets, enterprise systems, and cloud services, as well as create customized reports that can be personalized to the business user’s preferred language and format. SAP Crystal Server 2020 provides users with the ability to automate report distribution, allow self-service access to reports from desktops or mobile devices, provide data exploration with a secure infrastructure, simplify administrative procedures, and control user management.

SAP Crystal Reports also remains one of the most price-competitive sets of solutions available, offering one-time buying, zero maintenance, and no-cloud subscription requirements. SAP Crystal Server 2020 does have mandatory first-year maintenance.

Legacy Leads to an Expanded User Community

SAP Crystal solutions are proven in the market, with a dedicated community of highly engaged third-party experts, consultants, and users that have benefited from the solutions for decades. As a result, an extensive and ever-growing external knowledge base is available, in addition to the company’s own representatives and resources, to aid any SMBs looking to adopt this technology now. To date, more than 41,000 questions have been answered by users, to users on the SAP Community page.

Third-party product review sites also host a number of user testimonials touting SAP Crystal solutions’ professional approach to reporting and easy-to-use deployment design. It is a high-quality tool that creates the perfect combination for its users between programming and design.

Intuitive Design for Customized Needs

We’ve grown SAP Crystal solutions quite a bit over the last several decades and continue to refine how we help SAP customers represent their data in a way that makes a difference for their business. When it comes to reporting, the pixel-perfect reports from SAP Crystal Reports create a streamlined process for bringing insights to the forefront, turning business intelligence into outcomes.

Our goal is to help small-to-midsize companies become empowered to turn their data into interactive and actionable insights faster than ever before, with reports and dashboards that can be securely shared with internal and external stakeholders. With these latest offerings now available for digital purchase on SAP Store, we are excited to bring even more capabilities to our users.

To learn more about what’s new in the latest release or experience a free trial of SAP Crystal Reports 2020 and SAP Crystal Server 2020, visit the product page on SAP Store.

Amanda Mountain is global vice president of Marketing for SAP Digital Commerce.