COVID-19 vaccination mandates are upon us. States, localities, and specific business sectors have created a range of approaches to combat the spread of the virus and protect their employees as they navigate evolving regulations around returning to work.

As of September 9, the U.S. government has stepped in, announcing that it will require businesses with 100 or more employees to ensure their workers are either vaccinated or tested once a week. This mandate poses multiple challenges for organizations that need to respond immediately to avoid the risk of fines. Businesses are looking for robust solutions to facilitate the process of securely uploading vaccination and testing status data.

Agility and scalability are top of mind. With a pandemic that is constantly evolving, organizations need a configurable solution that can adapt as regulations change and scale as programs ramp up. At the same time, employees may have strong feelings about the mandate – and some may object. While compliance is a must, so is listening and trust-building. Organizations need a transparent and noninvasive approach to collecting data that helps generate employee buy-in.

Fast, Effective Vaccination and Testing Management

SAP and Qualtrics have been helping organizations worldwide navigate the global pandemic and offer solutions to help with vaccine mandates. With powerful vaccination and testing management capabilities, organizations can meet evolving vaccination requirements and improve employee safety and well-being. The result is fewer regulatory, legal, and workplace health risks.

With Qualtrics Vaccination & Testing Manager, also known as an employee vaccine management system, organizations can more quickly and simply gather COVID-19 vaccination status and ongoing test results from employees, contractors, and on-site visitors and spot issues in real time. All relevant information is securely maintained, helping businesses to comply with requirements, reduce risks, and avoid fines.

Qualtrics Vaccination & Testing Manager also provides a critical tool for following through on the most important objective: protecting employee health and well-being. Data is managed in a more secure manner that helps protect employee privacy. And while employee perspectives on the mandate will likely remain diverse, the solution helps organizations better listen to employee perspectives as regulations evolve while enabling the transparency and insight needed to have honest and informed conversations moving forward.

Compliance, Safety, Rapid Ramp-Up

Pre-built and run in the cloud, Qualtrics Vaccination & Testing Manager helps organizations get up and running in days — versus weeks to months with other solutions. It also uses a combination of mobile-friendly digital forms, automated workflows and reminders, and intuitive dashboards that have been designed to confirm vaccination status and test results more securely and at scale.

What sets Qualtrics Vaccination & Testing Manager apart from many other offerings is its breadth, agility, and intuitive use:

  • Breadth: It is a single, centralized solution that supports the processes needed to meet COVID-19 attestation requirements and broader workplace safety needs, including vaccine attestation, ongoing testing uploads, and daily symptom checking. It also provides dashboards for tracking details and generating insights on demand.
  • Agility: With a lightweight and no-code setup, the solution enables organizations to ramp up quickly. HR teams can manage processes without dependency on IT. And with flexible configuration options, the solution can adapt to future needs and legal regulations as they change.
  • Intuitive use: With low administrative overhead and automated workflows, users are smoothly guided through all processes. Vaccination and testing status can be collected via multiple digital channels, such as e-mail, SMS, or via QR code and Web page. Automated workflows, meanwhile, guide employees through the vaccination attestation process, with triggered actions and reminders for uploading vaccination cards, test results, or proof of exemption.

As for helping keep sensitive employee data secure, Qualtrics Vaccination & Testing Manager includes built-in features that maintain personal health information and vaccination data separately from employee records. In addition, the solution is ISO 27001 and FedRamp compliant and HITRUST certified, which means its technology platform provides customers the tools to manage HIPAA compliance if needed. Learn more about Qualtrics Vaccination & Testing Manager here.

Readily Available, Extensible Solution for Existing Customers

For existing customers using the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central solution, SAP also offers a health and vaccine tracking portlet free of charge.

Available through the upgrade center of the SAP SuccessFactors solution, this portlet uses the flexible metadata framework technology already built into SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central. Organizations can customize and extend the portlet to meet a variety of monitoring needs as vaccination and testing requirements evolve.

Additionally, the portlet can produce analytics to identify and support high-risk employees based on location, business unit, department, age, work area, and more. Businesses can use practical, real-time dashboards and reporting to safely bring the workforce back to the office. For more information about the portlet, read this article on Safely Returning to the Workplace with SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central.

The Mandates Are Here, Move Forward Today

At SAP, we know that we’re all in this pandemic together, and a big part of SAP’s mission today is to help our customers make it through. These solutions enable organizations to tackle vaccination and testing requirements with confidence and without delay. They can get up and running more quickly with a cloud-based, pre-built solution that is intuitive, transparent, and flexible enough to adapt to change.

For more information about moving forward, visit us at sap.com/programs/covid-19-vaccine-management.

For a live demo, visit the SAP SuccessFactors booth at the HR Technology Conference September 28 – October 1.

Amanda Crittenden is global solution marketing lead for Employee Experience Management for SAP SuccessFactors.