Unified View and Digital Autonomy: The Future of Our Customer Relationships with SAP for Me


The digital age is empowering for many people who are now accustomed to accessing important information and taking required actions online. They can directly communicate with an unprecedented number of people through social media, as well as exchange views and information with global communities.

Whether it’s making a doctor’s appointment, depositing a check, enrolling in school, or buying a new car, people increasingly rely on digital tools to live their lives — and expect an intuitive online system to make that possible. Customers expect a consistent and seamless experience along every single touchpoint they have with a company.

To meet this expectation, SAP now provides a single point of entry — SAP for Me — that defines how customers will engage with the company in the future. This exciting shift in customer experience allows them to personalize their view based on their role and interests, get transparency across their complete SAP portfolio, engage with self-services, and actively influence products. This comprehensive portal marks a new, simplified customer experience with SAP, and with recent developments, including the release of a mobile version, it is now time for customers to begin exploring SAP for Me.

SAP for Me was introduced in response to customer feedback that SAP’s many tools and portals were proving challenging to navigate. Customers struggled to get an overarching picture of their portfolio and often required an intermediary to access basic information; for example, a customer would need to ask an account executive how many licenses they had purchased or how much they paid for certain contracts across different entities, rather than being able to access the information themselves.

To solve this, SAP decided to streamline the number of entry points into the company down to three. One is sap.com, the “digital front door” through which anyone can meet the company. The second is SAP Community, which allows customers and partners to communicate directly. And the third is SAP for Me, which allows customers to engage with useful dashboards, personalized displays, and an updated look and feel for an intuitive experience that supports their business outcomes. Most vitally, it gives customers the power to do everything from monitoring their license consumption to accessing an overview of their portfolio KPIs to managing customer contacts. It puts the customer in the driver’s seat, giving them the autonomy they need to take control of their SAP experience in ways big and small.

Today, customers can even access this portal straight from their mobile device. The SAP for Me mobile app provides the same functionalities of the SAP for Me portal, but accessible wherever and whenever the customer wants. The app will be expanded soon, with additional features and the ability to create and manage a new case, all from a phone.

SAP for Me has been created based on customer feedback and demonstrates what is possible when customer needs drive innovation. SAP customer CONLOG, a metering solutions company with 50 years of experience and a reputation for innovation and customer centricity, has adopted SAP for Me to gain a simplified overview on business-critical incidents and direct options for action within the portal. That has enabled the company to resolve issues quickly, keeping the focus on their customers.

“SAP for Me is a great and easy tool to manage all SAP products my company is utilizing,” says Lethu Ntuli, SAP Business Analyst at CONLOG. “It provides a simplified view of licensed materials with potential over-usage warnings, if applicable. With this view one can take necessary steps, using the same tool, to remedy the situation.”

That is the goal of SAP for Me: to allow SAP customers to understand and access the full benefits of their SAP solutions, monitoring and acting easily and quickly to help ensure that their business can continue providing the same seamless experience for their customers. This portal provides comprehensive transparency with a personalized access point on the channel that works for our customers, be it in the office or on mobile. SAP customers now have the autonomy to manage, provision, or monitor their system environment on their own terms.

With SAP for Me, customers are empowered to do what they need to achieve the business goals that matter to them—so why wait? The future of customer relationships with SAP is already here.

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Oguzhan Genis is business product owner of SAP for Me.