Outgrowing Your IT Infrastructure: Choosing the Appropriate Next Steps


Cloud-based solutions offer a myriad of benefits for SAP customers. These include freeing up resources for innovation rather than administration, paying only for what is needed, and always having access to the latest cloud features.

But for some organizations, data privacy regulations or business concerns make moving to the cloud more complicated.

Systems — that customers rely on — and infrastructure are already interconnected. In this situation, the prospect of migrating to the cloud is comparable to changing the engine on a plane while in-flight: a challenging task that requires the utmost care and experience.

Additionally, there are several external forces standing in the way of moving to cloud. Cloud service latency means there is a potential for delay from the time a request is made to a cloud provider and the time in which they provide a response with actionable advice. Some workloads demand that data be stored locally, and some regions and industries need to ensure data residency.

Bringing the Cloud to You

This is why SAP and Lenovo worked together on RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition, customer data center option, to bring the cloud to the data center. The option effectively counters the complexities associated with cloud service migration and provides customers with a system that supports flexibility as well as the ability to adapt to changing needs.

The customer data center option gives companies the benefits of a cloud environment, including:

  • A subscription-based, burstable consumption model that allows customers to pay for what they need and easily scale when required
  • The ability to meet security and privacy regulations
  • Less disruption to operations with computing and concierge managed services, delivered by SAP and Lenovo, to free up IT resources to focus on strategic projects

Running on Lenovo TruScale supports:

  • Maximized availability to keep operations running with continuous monitoring and proactive management of the infrastructure
  • Life cycle coverage with complete managed services from planning and installation to deployment and monitoring to removal
  • A team that is focused on customer success

Servimed Chose SAP on Lenovo TruScale

Servimed is one of the largest distributors of pharmaceutical and consumer products in Brazil. With more 28,000 deliveries per month, the company sought to build on its link between the manufacturing and retail sectors. In order to do this, Servimed recognized that it needed to ensure its IT infrastructure kept up with its growth while streamlining shipping and sales processes to boost efficiency.

Obstacles included previous IT infrastructure that failed to keep up with its growth, as well as legacy IT solutions that required specialized support and contributed to increased company IT costs, subsequently limiting the company’s agility

Servimed explored alternatives and landed on SAP applications deployed on Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services. While the general market trend is to move one’s data center apps to a public shared cloud environment, Servimed chose to stay in its data center with a private cloud.

Customers like Servimed illustrate that moving to the cloud and demanding to run in your own data center are not incompatible — at least not with Lenovo and SAP.

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Joe Zarb is vice president of RISE with SAP, Private Cloud, at SAP.