SAP Signavio and LeanIX Bring Process Excellence and Enterprise Architecture Closer Together


It can be tricky for companies to create an IT architecture that delivers the capabilities the business needs to achieve the desired outcomes.

That is the very problem that LeanIX, SAP, and Signavio (prior to acquisition by SAP) have been working on together for the better part of a decade. As technology rapidly evolves to support innovative and dynamic business models and to drive new revenue streams, things just get more complex for IT as businesses leaders creatively leverage their new opportunities.

“It’s hard to move to a better operating model if you don’t know what you’re actually doing or how things work today,” said David Crooks, enterprise architect at Travis Perkins.

For the past nine years, LeanIX and SAP Signavio shared a common mindset and goal: help create a common language for IT and business leaders. This idea is game-changing because all the transparency and collaboration in the world does not help if one side doesn’t understand what the other is truly saying. A shared vision for bridging business and IT has guided our product integration and allowed us to serve our customers better, together.

Photo courtesy of LeanIX

Earlier this month we took that partnership to a new level. LeanIX continues to be a vital partner for SAP, and we see customer demand building rapidly as we help deliver faster ROI in our customers’ transformation journeys. The LeanIX flagship product, Enterprise Architecture Manager (EAM), has been premium certified by SAP and is now an SAP endorsed app.

Visibility into enterprise architecture is a critical ingredient at any stage of a transformation journey, especially when paired with visibility into the end-to-end business processes that architecture supports, so everyone at the table can understand the feedback loop among operational systems and business outcomes. This partnership enables organizations to accelerate their transformation with an eye toward operational excellence and delivering business results – not just IT milestones – faster.

The combination of LeanIX and SAP Signavio offers customers what they need to achieve business and IT collaboration, reduce uncertainty, make better decisions, and ultimately accelerate their transformation agendas.

SAP Signavio business process transformation solutions equip companies of all sizes with actionable insights that help them to realize their road map, based on the SAP Activate methodology. Combined with LeanIX, customers can achieve an extra layer of insight that spans across their present and future software landscape and relate their technology investments directly to business processes. LeanIX’s native support for the SAP Activate methodology is one of many aspects that underpin the spirit of our partnership and how we serve our joint customers with a common approach and aligned methodology and taxonomy.

LeanIX had out-of-the-box integration with Signavio modelling capabilities as a Signavio partner prior to joining with SAP, which adds further value to the partnership. The shared product road map includes:

  • Improved integration of LeanIX EAM with SAP Signavio Process Manager
  • A new integration with the upcoming version of SAP Signavio Journey Modeler
  • Automated insights into cloud-based SAP landscapes based on integration with SAP Cloud ALM

All these enhancements will help further accelerate our customers transformations, which are literally on the rise thanks to the RISE with SAP offering.

“Without the support of LeanIX, a cost-efficient and smooth transition from our old landscape to the new SAP S/4HANA software landscape would not have been possible,” said Oliver Dawid, IT enterprise architect at Marc O’Polo.

Photo courtesy of LeanIX

This partnership will also add value to the One Process Acceleration Layer package, a repository for SAP and partner-led best practices and industry-specific processes. Being able to link to these from LeanIX will provide customers the best possible foundation to help plan their business transformation, taking their individual situation of their industry and line of business fully into consideration.

“LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Management enables us to collectively understand the as-is state, for both the SAP and non-SAP landscape, making it easier to define a plan that gets us to the desired state,” said Jochen Fauser of Partner Technology Strategy & Transformation at Deloitte.

The most humbling part about our elevated partnership is the confirmation we have received from the market through extremely positive feedback from customers and partners alike. In the end, the outcome of a partnership is only measured in one currency: customer success.

To learn more, visit LeanIX and SAP – The Intelligent Enterprise…Accelerated.

Mani Pirouz is chief partner officer at SAP Signavio.