Around the world, as companies face challenges such as supply chain disruption and increasing pressure for business transformation, the value of creative technology to harness the power of innovation has never been more important.

For that reason, I could not be more excited to kick off the one forum completely dedicated to the impact that comes from these kinds of innovation: the 2023 SAP Innovation Awards.

What makes this year particularly noteworthy is the fact that this will be the 10th annual celebration recognizing forward-thinking organizations that have harnessed the power of SAP technologies to disrupt industries and improve lives.

“The SAP Innovation Awards are incredibly special to me,” said Scott Russell, member of the Executive Board, Customer Success, SAP SE. “It’s an opportunity to witness firsthand how the most innovative companies in the world are developing incredibly creative solutions to solve some of the world’s toughest problems, revolutionizing the way things are done in order to drive lasting change.”

New Awards for a Groundbreaking Time

In keeping with the 10th anniversary theme, the 2023 awards will have 10 categories, increasing the number of winners from 25 to 30. An additional 60 finalists will also be selected, based on cutting-edge thought leadership, originality, and diversity.

Among the added awards are the 10th Anniversary Superstar, commemorating continuous innovation and building on prior successes, and the Experience Wizard, focusing on strides made in improving customer and employee experiences.

The other categories include Sustainability Hero, Industry Leader, Transformation Titan, Adoption Champion, Cutting-Edge Genius, Partner Paragon, Business Innovator, and Services Supernova – all adding to the fun and excitement of the awards.

Elite Disruptors

Since its initial launch in 2014, the SAP Innovation Awards has had more than 1,600 participants from 80 different countries. In my third year as executive sponsor of this program, I always tell our participating customers that they are really part of an elite few disrupting their respective industries. Each year, I love seeing how these ideas scale and become part of our innovation DNA.

“For a small company like us to have SAP alongside us and to be recognized at an award ceremony like this means the world,” said Diarmuid Byrne, managing director of EquiRatings, an Irish sports data and analytics company whose fan experience app gained international attention during the pandemic. A contributing factor to this visibility occurred simply because EquiRatings extended its global network by stepping forward to declare it was worthy of an award.

In addition to a prestigious trophy, one of the prizes available to entrants is a ticket to SAP Sapphire Orlando or a $1,000 gift card for a charity of their choice. By simply entering, each contestant receives an SAP donation of $100 (up to $20,000) for a worthy cause – yet another example of how these innovations are benefiting society.

Now’s Your Chance

Submissions for the 2023 SAP Innovation Awards begin today, August 15, 2022. Finalists will be announced in March 2023, followed by the winners in April.

SAP customers and partners can participate by following these simple steps. Learn more in the SAP Innovation Awards FAQ and get the latest updates here.

Stephanie Nashawaty is chief customer innovation officer NA at SAP.