Let’s get concrete how some SAP SuccessFactors customers have been able to successfully transform their learning culture by leveraging SAP SuccessFactors Learning and SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone.

One of the oldest organizations in the world, Royal Mail Group can trace its origins back over 500 years to 1516. But even it is, as so many companies are, facing the need for business transformation to be recognized as the top delivery company in the UK and across Europe and to stay ahead of evolving market needs.

Royal Mail Group is a global organization, operating in 43 countries around the world with over 140,000 employees. It delivers more than 1.8 billion parcels and 14 billion letters every year. To continue on its business and workforce transformation trajectory, Royal Mail needed a platform that provided a personalized user experience, delivering the right tools and information in the right format and at the right time, to perform its day-to-day roles. Powered by SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone, SAP SuccessFactors Learning, and BLEND from TalenTeam, it transformed its learning experience by offering a user-centric, digital personal development platform – branded as “The Royal Mail Academy” – that has impacted company culture intrinsically with a bottom-up approach to learning and development.

Fully deployed in just 12 weeks, the platform brings people into one place for all of their HR requirements and applications and services they need. Now, data insights provide the ability to more easily identify local experts, 30% of the target audience has already engaged with the new platform after the implementation, agility between program managers and frontline employees has increased, employee engagement has improved significantly, and the delivery of information on a large scale is more streamlined.

Another interesting customer story is Corning Incorporated, a multinational technology company that specializes in specialty glass, ceramics, and related materials and technologies, operating in 60 countries with over 50 000 employees.

It uses SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone for different use cases, but let’s focus on the one for learning and development. As with other larger customers, Corning exists of many different business divisions that all have different needs. The goal has been to put together different learning university experiences leveraging the existing SAP SuccessFactors Learning investment and to create an environment that gives people guidance to develop and grow their career. The usage of workspaces boosts the overall experience, such as through collaborative learning complementing formal learning.

Corning uses the personalization capabilities to help people surface information for particular uses and what is applicable to them, instead of potentially being overwhelmed with too much information. Giving the user the ability to choose content they might want and are interested in helps here. This could be any kind of information from SAP SuccessFactors solutions but also from Microsoft Teams to facilitate virtual learning clubs.

Corning also plans to support its remote deskless workforce with SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone capabilities, as right now it doesn’t have a platform to communicate with them in an effective way. With the solution, it can communicate with them in more engaging ways right from their mobile device or even their laptop at home in multiple languages. Corning is currently exploring the SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace solution, which will help empower its employees to drive their own development and growth while aligning to Corning’s values and talent strategy. This can be a huge differentiator when it comes to attracting and retaining talent while enabling the organization to support the growth of its workforce.

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Margit Bauer is director of Solution Marketing at SAP SE.
Mark Tarallo is a solution marketing fellow at SAP.