SAP has committed to mentoring 50 Afghan refugees over the next three years to aid them in their transition into the American job market.

SAP will work with the Tent Partnership for Refugees, a non-profit organization founded by Hamdi Ulukaya, the CEO and Chairman of Chobani. As a Turkish immigrant, Ulukaya saw firsthand the power of immigrants finding appropriate employment and how it benefits the refugee and the businesses who hire them.

I’m excited to be a part of this for several reasons.

For me, working with Tent is a deeply personal cause. As a soldier in the US Army’s 75th Ranger Regiment, I deployed twice to Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. I saw a beautiful country full of incredible people torn apart and ravaged by war.

In August 2021, I was also one of the thousands of people worldwide who worked feverishly to help evacuate as many Afghans from Kabul as we could. In those two frantic weeks, we did everything possible to save our friends. These men and women were not strangers, but people we had forged deep relationships with. They were some of the bravest and hardest-working men and women I have ever met.

The men and women this program will mentor are incredibly intelligent and hard-working professionals. Their command of the English language is excellent. They bring technical skills and professional expertise to the table.  Like so many before them, they are eager to embrace the American dream.

But they are in the challenging position of rapidly learning a new culture after being ripped out of their homes — some literally in the middle of the night — while trying to do whatever they can to support their families, both here and, in many cases, back home in Afghanistan.

Tent Trains Corporate Mentors to Help Refugees Find the Right Employment

Led by Veterans@SAP and in partnership with Employee Network Groups Autism Inclusion Network, Black Employees Network, Business Women’s Network, SAP Interfaith Alliance, Latinos@SAP, and Pan-Asians@SAP, this initiative will be working to help these Afghan mentees starting in May.

Volunteers will provide mentorship, interview prep, resume review, coaching, and access to a more robust professional network as the refugees work to find new employment in the U.S. that is better matched to their skills and expertise. SAP is excited and honored to be a part of this important initiative.

Help Tent by Joining the Cause

This is an opportunity to help these amazing human beings integrate into the American workforce, to enrich this nation through their talents and experiences. That is why Tent’s work is important. It’s why we are so excited to work with them.

If you are so moved, consider becoming a member of Tent.org as they continue their mission to help refugees and immigrants more easily transition into the American work force.

Tom Amenta is a field marketing specialist for Cloud ERP at SAP North America.