Companies large and small are rethinking their entire approach to digital commerce and are looking for a way to transform the buying experience to make themselves more indispensable to customers.

Through SAP Preferred Success for SAP Commerce Cloud, expanded edition, SAP customers can now partner with SAP and seize this new commerce wave with designated experts who provide access to specialized resources and enhanced services. This offering allows SAP Commerce Cloud solution customers to create an agile, composable commerce system that fulfills their current and aspirational business goals — all while driving continuous improvement.

A Guided Approach for Commerce Transformation

By partnering with the right technology and business process experts, companies can rightsize their commerce vision and accelerate their move forward with steps that transform the customer experience faster and more efficiently. SAP Preferred Success for SAP Commerce Cloud, expanded edition delivers on this challenge with exceptional support from knowledgeable SAP experts throughout the lifetime of the solution.

Without processing another statement of work, SAP customers can realize significant value from implementation to go-live and active operation of their solution. Advantages include protecting commerce, organizational data, and applications while enabling continuous knowledge transfers to enhance technical upskilling and elevate awareness and outcomes of relevant software updates.

Enhanced services — such as prescriptive solution and application reviews — turn the implementation and use of SAP Commerce Cloud into a more impactful, dynamic, and flexible tool for meeting current and future commerce expectations.

The expanded edition builds on prescriptive guidance on solution design, remote activation enablement, and pre-go-live quality review capabilities included in the existing SAP Preferred Success service. It also supports adoption optimization and risk mitigation, allowing organizations to evolve their commerce experience using SAP expertise to guide the commerce transformation.

Access to Expertise

Designated functional and technical resources work with customers to make sure they are getting the most out of SAP Commerce Cloud. The SAP expert provides deep technical and product-based knowledge to accelerate strategic outcomes and maximize solution adoption and consumption.

For commerce organizations and their stakeholders, this experience allows customers to acquire functional and technical knowledge and receive answers to queries related to standard integration with other SAP solutions and critical implementation difficulties.

Solution Reviews

Customers also have a distinct chance to collaborate with subject-matter experts as part of the prescriptive reviews. This advantage gives our customers’ stakeholders recommendations and advice on changes that can help mitigate or resolve business challenges, improve the commerce experience, and proactively reduce bottlenecks.

In addition, this service offers stakeholders better ways to navigate strategies for simplifying and optimizing operations, reducing administrative work, boosting process efficiency, and extending transparency to user adoption and system stability.

Application Review

Customers can bring their organization together to dive deep into their commerce and business needs with the assistance of a remote, one-on-one workshop.

In this setting, they can see how their business has evolved and discuss a road map for evolving process, employee, customer, and business needs. Furthermore, they learn about opportunities for augmenting the solution with new functionalities and consider process improvements through transparent KPI analysis of the digital investment.

New Feature Activation

SAP Preferred Success for SAP Commerce Cloud, expanded edition also assesses and enables the impact of new features, configurations, and simple customizations added to SAP Commerce Cloud.

This service matches business needs to updates that offer better value to current goals and challenges defined during a success check or business application review. SAP experts evaluate the potential benefits and risks of the new addition and pinpoint system changes needed to activate and test the update to measure business outcomes.

The Right Partner Matters When Winning the Digital Marketplace

The right technology partners can help organizations scale expectations and accelerate transformation — this is undoubtedly true for commerce too. SAP Preferred Success for SAP Commerce Cloud, expanded edition fills that role by providing the forward-looking analysis, prescriptive guidance, and personalized assistance businesses need to unlock their potential in an always-on marketplace.

Ready to amplify the impact of your digital commerce experience? Visit the SAP Preferred Success area of sap.com or contact your local SAP representative to learn more about SAP Preferred Success for SAP Commerce Cloud, expanded edition.

Amitesh Tiwari is solution manager for the Chief Innovation Office of Cloud Success Services at SAP.