SAP Sapphire in Orlando and Barcelona were action-packed with groundbreaking announcements and insightful customer interactions.

SAP Sapphire: Taking Business to the Next Level in the Era of AI

Businesses are looking at the transformative power of business AI to help them adapt to rapid market changes, grow customer loyalty and profitability, and get tangible outcomes. Yet, it can be challenging for business leaders to separate the hype from reality and we at SAP Customer Experience (CX) remain committed to helping. We showcased customer stories with some of the biggest brands in the world that have transformed their customer experiences using our products. We are riding a wave of momentum, having introduced an impressive 600 new innovations to our customers in the last year.

At SAP, we take a holistic and integrated approach to customer experience with our composable and scalable solutions. We align people, processes, and technology across the customer journey to help enhance profitability and shareholder value while ensuring an exceptional customer experience. Our solutions are based on the four pillars of intelligent CX and built with the highest standards of trust, privacy, AI ethics, and security. We create a comprehensive and ethical foundation for customer-centric CX with measurable business results.

The four pillars of intelligent CX are:

  • Connected by design, seamlessly uniting operational and experience data and processes, helping you deliver delightful holistic experiences that span back and front office while safeguarding your TCO
  • Insightful by enabling you to rapidly turn your most critical asset data into proactive and contextual insights that drive real business outcomes – intelligent CX helps you start on your AI journey today with meaningful generative AI capabilities infused across the entire solution portfolio
  • Adaptive by allowing you to experiment with agility through our hybrid composability approach by extending SAP’s core capabilities with a plethora of carefully curated, pre-integrated, and certified partner solutions, helping take the guesswork out of these crucial decisions
  • Industry-tailored by applying deep industry context, experience, and knowledge of over 25 industries – coupled with our rich, curated partner ecosystem, SAP CX solutions can support end-to-end blueprints that are tailored to the unique needs of your industry and its customers

With these pillars, we have been hard at work bringing innovative features to our customers. Here’s a closer look at some of them.

Enrich the Customer Experience for Maximized Loyalty and Interaction Value

AI Shopping Assistant

Transform your B2B and B2C storefronts with SAP’s new AI shopping assistant. This cutting-edge technology can act as a shopper’s personal product expert, uncovering subtle details and complex information often hidden in user manuals or specifications through natural conversation. By engaging with shoppers on your storefront, it helps identify their specific needs and can offer detailed recommendations and insights to make it easy for them to find the right product.

Agility and Experimentation for Enterprise Merchants in SAP Commerce Cloud

Enterprise merchants have historically struggled to balance agility and compliance in commerce. These new capabilities can enable them to be more innovative and agile while still experiencing the reliability that they have come to expect from SAP Commerce Cloud.

Conversational Messaging

Marketing teams can now engage customers with conversational messaging. They can send customized one-way messages, automated responses, and engage in two-way interactions with customers on their preferred chat application.

Rev Up Productivity with AI-Driven Tools

Enterprise Service Management

Organizations can now break down operational silos, curb redundant processes, and automate tasks to serve their internal and external customers in more effective, efficient, and personalized ways.

AI Image Creation

Commerce and marketing teams can now easily create engaging and personalized product images, using natural language to produce new product photos or make seamless edits to existing images, including changing or completely removing backgrounds. As a result, their product visuals can better reflect their brand’s identity, enhance the customer experience, and reduce costs.

AI Expert Recommendations

Sales, service, and commerce teams can quickly find the right subject-matter experts to answer customer queries and concerns. Rather than sifting through e-mails, notes, team messages, and org charts, CX teams can now easily type questions using natural language and receive recommendations on who within their organizations is best equipped to provide insights and answers.

AI Segment and Content Generation

Marketing teams can now easily create, copy, or insert new content from the catalog. Additionally, they can generate simple, understandable descriptions for existing segments or create new segments using natural language prompts.

Grow Profitably with Generative AI Innovation

AI for SAP Sales Cloud

Empower your sales team with AI capabilities that can anticipate, automate, and personalize customer experiences.

Predictive Forecasting

Predictive forecasting can give CROs and sales executives a more accurate view of sales performance and revenue forecasting by using AI to predict the likelihood of deals closing across the entire business portfolio.

Predictive Product Recommendation

Predictive product recommendations can empower sales teams with insights into what are the right products to pitch to customers.

AI Account Summary and Lead Booster

AI-based account summary and lead booster insights use both internal and external sources to help provide sales teams with the news, background, and information they need to have informed prospect outreach and ongoing deal management.

AI Order Insights

AI order insights from SAP Sales Cloud help surface order information from SAP ERP in a highly consumable way in the platform sales teams use every day, so they can be prepared to answer customer questions quickly and efficiently.

Custom Generative AI Tools and Data Sources in SAP CX AI Toolkit

Enhance your customer experience with AI customized for your business. Leverage your CX data to create, customize, and deploy secure and trusted AI tools that help generate relevant content aligned with your business needs. Furthermore, integrate your own knowledge base and data sources to power generative answering for sales, service, and commerce teams. Don’t be limited by pre-built solutions – build AI that reflects your unique customer journey.

The innovations we unveiled at SAP Sapphire are a testament to our commitment to drive tangible business outcomes and bring out your best customer experience. These innovations are available now or will be available in H2 2024. In addition, we have many more exciting offerings in the pipeline. Brace yourself for an exciting journey ahead with our next-gen CX solutions and stay tuned for more developments on the horizon!

Find out more about these innovations here.

Ritu Bhargava is president and chief product officer for SAP Industries and Customer Experience.

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