Developers have driven innovation and transformation forward, from pioneering new business applications to keeping mission-critical services running. Unleashing developer ingenuity — empowering developers to turn ideas into real solutions — results in organizations delivering results.

SAP is on a mission to boost developer productivity. Last year at SAP TechEd we released SAP Build, a unified low-code environment that enables people with any skill level to create web and mobile apps, automate processes, and design business sites through intuitive drag-and-drop simplicity.

SAP Turns Every Developer Into a Generative AI Developer at SAP TechEd in 2023

Today, we are taking a giant step forward to empower developers. We are excited to announce SAP Build Code, an application development solution that draws on the power of SAP’s new generative AI copilot Joule by embedding AI-based code generation to create data models, app logic, and test scripts.

A true game-changer for all SAP developers, SAP Build Code offers a turn-key environment for coding, testing, integrating, and managing Java and JavaScipt application life cycles by bringing together key design and runtime services and tools in a single offering.

SAP Build Code includes pre-built integrations, APIs, and connectors to SAP and non-SAP systems, guided templates, and built-in SAP developer best practices to accelerate development. SAP Build Code enables fusion development, so developers can innovate faster by collaborating with other developers and business experts.

Let’s look at what developers can accomplish with SAP Build Code.

What is SAP Build Code?

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What is SAP Build Code?

SAP Build Code will enable rapid development and has all the features we require to build a full stack solution powered with generative AI, including pre-configured runtime and design time capabilities, enabling shorter lead time to market.

Nilesh Mhatre, CIO Americas, IMEA and Global Technology Center, Henkel

Supercharge Development with Generative AI

Envision this: Developers rapidly build business applications using AI-based code generation from natural language descriptions. SAP Build Code empowers SAP developers to streamline Java and JavaScript development with built-in SAP guidance and best practices.

  • Use code generation with Joule to generate application logic, data models and sample data conforming to app extensions, and test scripts
  • Leverage guided experiences to quickly build SAP applications and extensions
  • Simplify onboarding with automated environment setup and one-click provisioning and streamline application lifecycle management for developers

Tailored for SAP Development

With SAP Build Code, SAP developers become productive by seamlessly connecting heterogeneous landscapes of applications, data, and processes across all SAP and non-SAP assets.

  • Extend SAP S/4HANA as well as other SAP and non-SAP systems easily, leveraging integrations, APIs, events, and business services via the service center
  • Safeguard assets with proven security from SAP BTP for authentication, authorization, and data protection
  • Access prebuilt templates to build and personalize full stack, UI, and mobile extensions

Enhanced Fusion Development

Collaboration is key for development projects and SAP Build Code stands out for its fusion development capabilities, enabling developers and business experts to work together. SAP Build Code also has built-in governance that unites stakeholders to drive better business outcomes securely.

  • Enable fusion team development to solve problems faster by sharing all or specific application components, such as user experience (UX), business logic, and processes
  • Facilitate developer choice for application and extension development, with flexibility to use SAP Build for low-code, SAP Build Code for Java/JavaScript, and ABAP environment
  • Ensure unified governance and simplified application lifecycle management centrally in a secure manner

With SAP Build Code, SAP is reinventing Java and JavaScript development. Customers will see immediate impact as the new offering provides interoperability with ABAP and SAP Build low-code solutions, specialized extensibility for SAP applications, and  generative AI capabilities for increased developer velocity. - Holger Mueller, Principal Analyst, Constellation Research
With the introduction of SAP Build Code, SAP is meeting customers where they are in their application development by enabling collaboration between professional and citizen developers, giving clean core guidance, taking advantage of built-in SAP BTP features, and providing generative AI code development capabilities. It's critical that businesses operationalize what gets built, no matter how it gets built; the ability to easily infuse pro-code and low-code between SAP Build Code and SAP Build will serve as a game changer for SAP going forward as the vendor seeks to empower its developer ecosystem. - Bradley Shimmin, Chief Analyst, Omdia

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Developers everywhere must become more productive and collaborate effectively to achieve meaningful business outcomes. With generative AI-based application development, SAP Build Code simplifies the developer experience and provides the capabilities and power to drive the next wave of developer ingenuity.

JG Chirapurath is chief marketing and solutions officer for SAP BTP and Artificial Intelligence at SAP.