Working in the cloud makes things much easier – especially for enterprise management software systems, or ERP systems. But the transition is often complicated and resource intensive. Detecon shows how this can be solved with the help of SAP Preferred Success.

In 2018, Detecon, part of Deutsche Telekom’s group of companies, started replacing its legacy ERP systems with SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition. The company was eager and committed to gaining competitive advantage through more agile processes while emphasizing its leadership in digitalization. 

For the new system migration to succeed, Detecon put together a core team. However, one of the biggest challenges in the project was ensuring the company’s customer projects were not neglected during the process and remained top priority. It quickly became clear that the resources of the core team were not always 100% available – additional support was urgently needed to keep up with the demand.

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SAP Preferred Success Helps Detecon Migrate to the Cloud

Detecon needed support, mainly in the areas of finance and professional service, and relied on SAP consulting experts working alongside SAP Preferred Success for additional expert guidance. It was an efficient combo, Jochen Trefzger from Detecon reports.

SAP Preferred Success is a service that can provide a full, personalized set of guidance resources, including proactive release guidance, regular success checks, tailored learning offerings, enhanced service-level agreements, and access to an exclusive catalog of value-add services – all designed to help make the transition to the cloud as smooth as possible.

Effective Collaboration Between Detecon and SAP

To proceed with the cloud migration, Detecon engaged in weekly meetings with the SAP Preferred Success team to discuss and determine areas that needed more attention. During this time, a customer success partner from SAP evaluated Detecon’s adoption of the software, made required recommendations for further improvement, and remained accessible as an SAP point-of-contact to answer questions and provide overall guidance.

Moving to the cloud requires expertise and a well-thought-out strategy. It is paramount to allocate enough time for the planning phase, put together a stable project team, and have additional expert guidance on hand to support when the required expertise is not available in-house.

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This article originally appeared on the German SAP News Center.

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