As part of its business AI strategy, SAP provides access to AI models through the generative AI hub in SAP AI Core on SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). By integrating advanced AI capabilities into the business context of organizations, customers benefit from solutions that are relevant, reliable, and responsible.

SAP Sapphire: Taking Business to the Next Level in the Era of AI

Grounded in an AI ethics framework, SAP collaborates with partners to create insights from industry-specific data and deep process knowledge, driving exponential value for businesses. By fostering a multi-partner approach, SAP ensures flexibility and prevents vendor lock-in, empowering customers and partners to navigate the AI landscape effectively. 

As a next step in that journey, SAP is integrating the Meta Llama 2 and Meta Llama 3 models into the generative AI hub to enable customers to create dashboards based on rich content with Llama qualitative conversational outputs, and to explore use cases built with Meta Llama 3.  

The SAP Business AI white paper provides an overview of SAP’s business AI strategy, highlighting the unparalleled opportunity for the SAP ecosystem to build an array of solutions with generative AI capabilities and extensions on SAP BTP. 

SAP Analytics Cloud AI Portfolio Expansion 

SAP will make Joule available in SAP Analytics Cloud to let planning and analytics users get work done faster and drive better business outcomes in a secure and compliant way. The wide range of capabilities offered by Meta Llama 3 will enable Joule users to get assistance with key activities, including the auto-generation of custom scripts to extend dashboards, as well as delivery of the most accurate scripts directly in SAP Analytics Cloud.  

The goal is to integrate generative AI into major workflows of SAP Analytics Cloud. Transforming these workflows will unlock innovative possibilities for distinct planning and analytics roles that are common in organizations globally. More information on how SAP Analytics Cloud with Joule will help planning and analytics users get work done more efficiently is available here

Availability of Meta Llama 3 on Generative AI Hub 

SAP will make Llama 3 available in Q2 2024 in the generative AI hub in SAP AI Core given customer interest in Llama 3. The generative AI hub makes it simple to build generative AI use cases for SAP applications, thanks to its value-adding features around SAP integration and the ability to orchestrate language model interactions.

Adding Meta Llama 3 to the generative AI hub allows developers in the SAP ecosystem to leverage its value-adding features. The 70B variant of Meta Llama 3 will be the largest open-source model available on the generative AI hub. 

SAP SuccessFactors Text-to-Image Generation Requirements 

SAP customers are exploring ways to enhance the visual appeal and relevance of images within the SAP SuccessFactors HCM suite. The current process of curating and uploading images can be time-consuming and costly, often resulting in generic images that only partially cater to specific scenarios while also incurring expenses associated with stock image licensing.

Integrating the latest iteration of Meta’s open-source large language model (LLM) offers numerous benefits. Creative features from models such as Llama 3 come into play in a scenario like this, empowering users to generate custom images that better meet their needs within SAP SuccessFactors software. Whether it is customizable course content thumbnails and banners for learning, tailored images for assignments in SAP SuccessFactors Opportunity Marketplace, unique images for different themes on the home page, or personalized profile and banner images on people profile, the impact will be far reaching. 

By streamlining the image creation process, reducing costs, and ensuring that every image is suited to its context, this feature will undoubtedly improve user engagement and the overall platform experience. SAP customers should get ready to explore a new world of custom imagery tailored to their exact specifications, sparkling excitement and intrigue among stakeholders.

Walter Sun is senior vice president and global head of AI at SAP SE.

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