At SAP, we’re always looking to the next wave of technological innovation, especially when it comes to enhancing the capabilities of SAP applications and enterprise software through AI. To further the value we bring to customers, we’re excited to announce the news of our latest partnership with Mistral AI, a trailblazer in the field of large language models (LLMs).

SAP Sapphire: Taking Business to the Next Level in the Era of AI

This collaboration is more than just a meeting of minds; it’s a symbiotic combination of AI expertise and technology that opens a world of possibilities for SAP customers.

Mistral AI’s success in developing advanced LLMs, including its renowned open-weight models Mixtral 8x7B and Mixtral 8x22B, and more expansive enterprise-grade “Large” model, is set to complement the SAP suite of AI-enabled solutions. The collaboration will enable direct accessibility to Mistral AI’s models through SAP or through SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) applications with generative AI capabilities.

What does this mean for SAP customers? Simply put, it’s about empowerment and access to AI from a European LLM provider. Access to Mistral AI’s latest models through the generative AI hub in SAP AI Core will enable SAP customers to enhance productivity, streamline their operations, and accelerate their digital transformation journey.

Whether through integrating AI with SAP BTP or developing bespoke solutions through direct access to Mistral AI LLMs, the potential for innovation is limitless. 

“We are excited about entering a partnership with Mistral AI and making the company’s LLM accessible to both our developers and our customers through the generative AI hub in SAP AI Core on SAP BTP,” said Philipp Herzig, chief AI officer of SAP SE. “Together, we can truly make a difference by building AI-enabled solutions that create immediate value for users, organizations, and entire industries. We are particularly proud that two European technology companies are collaborating on bringing AI forward.”

“We are pleased to embark on this partnership with SAP,” said Arthur Mensch, CEO of Mistral AI. “We foresee the new horizons this collaboration will open up, enabling us to further our mission of making AI accessible to all. We are looking forward to witnessing the potential of our AI models to support innovation and streamline operations for SAP’s customers.”

The ambitions don’t stop there: SAP and Mistral AI are committed to exploring new applications of AI across various industries. By leveraging the combined strengths, this is not just about driving innovation, but about creating new business opportunities and delivering tangible value to SAP customers. 

Stay tuned as we begin this exciting journey together. The future of enterprise software is bright, and with partners like Mistral AI, we are ready to illuminate the path forward. 

Walter Sun is senior vice president and global head of AI at SAP SE.

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