Businesses across all industries largely succeed or fail because of one key criteria: their ability to create contented customers. Firms that struggle to keep customers happy risk losing market share to competitors that out-innovate them in delivering top-notch customer experiences (CX). Companies failing to keep-up with the changing needs of their service users also risk losing competitive ground.

CX Agility is defined as companies monitoring changes in customer demand and business conditions to predict how they may impact their activities, proactively adjusting their activities to keep-up with and lead those changes and facilitate business growth. Keeping-up with customer needs and wants while delivering effortless experiences across all business departments and through all interaction channels is now a necessity.

Aberdeen’s recent CX Executive’s Agenda Survey observed responses from hundreds of businesses regarding key trends and best practices influencing their CX activities. The findings revealed that business leaders struggle with several challenges impacting their ability to create happy and loyal customers. The survey also revealed that just 25% of businesses have modernized their traditional CX program by transforming into agile CX organizations.

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