TOKYO – SENSYN ROBOTICS, a provider of services and products using autonomous industrial drones, cameras, and smart devices, today launched SENSYN CORE, an integrated platform designed to automate large-scale plant maintenance operations at oil, gas, and power plants around the world.

SENSYN ROBOTICS is the first SAP partner in Japan to develop a solution for SAP’s industry cloud portfolio, which delivers specialized applications designed to address specific industry needs. Built on the open SAP Business Technology Platform, these solutions help customers rapidly adopt innovations as part of their technology landscape. SENSYN CORE is available now on SAP Store, the online marketplace for SAP and partner offerings.

“Emerging technologies give utilities and energy companies the potential to be safer, and more efficient,” said Takuya Kitamura, CEO of SENSYN ROBOTICS. “We aim to enable reliable inspections of plant facilities through the use of digital platforms and robotics, leveraging big data and analytics to recognize and address anomalies faster, ultimately driving greater reliability and boosting productivity.”

In 2021, SAP partner SENSYN ROBOTICS was selected to participate in the SAP.iO Foundry Tokyo, SAP’s start-up accelerator program. This inspired a collaboration with SAP to create SENSYN CORE, a solution that supports the maintenance operation of large-scale plants owned by oil, chemical, materials, gas, and power companies by integrating SAP’s facility maintenance solution, SAP Asset Intelligence Network, which runs on the SAP Business Technology Platform.

Using the SENSYN CORE platform and application services, SAP Asset Intelligence Network retrieves stored building and facility information, selects the plant facilities to be inspected, and links that information to SENSYN CORE. Drone flight routes are then generated by SENSYN CORE using those insights, allowing the drone to autonomously start the inspection and collect data such as photographs of plant facilities. SENSYN CORE can detect anomalies or warning signs using the data collected, and adds commentary based on the nature of the detected issue. The results are linked to SAP’s asset management solution, and flagged to relevant personnel, who can then act as needed.

The solution also offers benefits for sustainability and environmental health and safety through increased use of automated maintenance rather than manned support, as well as reducing the number of trips and mitigating human error on plant facilities.

“SAP partners are a vital component of the industry cloud initiative,” said Kai Finck, SAP Global Senior Vice President and Head of Cloud Industry Program. “With open APIs, process and data models, as well as a wealth of cloud native technologies to innovate at the vertical edge, SAP’s industry cloud is attracting partners like SENSYN ROBOTICS, who are looking to create “next business practices” for enterprises and business networks that will help accelerate the pace at which customers can address shifting business demands.”