Cloud technology may have reached mainstream status, but that does not mean it is no longer evolving.

Hyperscalers are forming new alliances to refocus on their core strengths rather than niche services. Business app developers are beginning to ditch proprietary infrastructures to pursue high-performance computing capabilities. Even cloud service providers are tightening security standards as data breaches reach alarming levels of frequency and damage.

A lot is happening in the cloud, but this is not the time to jump on every twist and turn. Companies should instead map their pain points and process needs to the right solutions by understanding the advantages, capabilities, and costs of their cloud investments – long before implementation and adoption.

As many customers already know, the SAP Preferred Success offering is the best way to navigate every aspect of the cloud. This success model has helped them accelerate and maximize the value of business outcomes while setting unique foundations for a future of intelligent operations, decision-making, and growth.

Demystifying Shifts in the Cloud with Simplicity and Clarity

When transitioning a traditional on-premise landscape to the cloud, most executive decision-makers are drawn to the promises of enterprise-wide access to information, intelligent process automation, and accelerated response. Any time a company can satisfy customer needs more quickly or take on new opportunities before its competitors is considered a win.

Although a new generation of employees and customers is now accustomed to getting things done fast, there is little patience for mistakes and even fewer resources to address them. The key is to not only keep up with the latest changes in the cloud marketplace, but also determine what the business needs to deliver expected outcomes quickly and without additional complexity.

The SAP Preferred Success model offering is designed to give the preemptive processes needed to fully understand every stage of cloud adoption. Whether planning migrations, testing environments, or running deployed technologies, businesses can leverage standardized processes and user interfaces without getting lost in the changes happening in the cloud marketplace.

The offering also provides recommended guidance and expertise that can help customers make the right choices for their users, whether tailored learning or providing release guidance. Establishing defined timelines, predictable costs, and proven best-practices throughout the adoption process help empower users to adopt cloud technology successfully and continuously, even as business processes and requirements change.

Another significant benefit of SAP Preferred Success is the opportunity to extend the value of one’s cloud investment beyond the confines of internal business operations. By knowing how to maximize their use of cloud technology, customers can determine which solutions and capabilities add value to their relationships with third-party users, such as suppliers, partners, and customers. They can measure, monitor, and choose updates to deliver outcomes that are predictable, seamless, and sustainable. And more importantly, customers can give all users the edge by adopting and consuming key features and functions that they need to successfully respond to an ever-changing and increasingly demanding economy.

Evolving Support Services for an Ever-Changing Cloud Landscape

Without a doubt, the cloud marketplace will continue to change. It would even be fair to predict that, by the end of this new decade, the cloud will look nothing like it does today. It will challenge businesses to overcome greater complexity, reimagine their user experiences, and perfect their business models and processes.

With several reference customers worldwide and proven use cases, SAP Preferred Success can provide the expertise and tools needed to make sense of it all — no matter what comes along the way. The offering provides a solution strategy to better scale cloud capabilities and a discovery center to innovate new business models and processes more flexibly. Critically, customers can gain the confidence of their users by tapping a platform that helps ensure their entire cloud landscape remains connected and undisrupted.

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Dipankar Banerjee is head of Global Sales Development and Go to Market for SAP Preferred Success.