To engage with the Product Support organization at SAP more easily, quickly, and intuitively, access SAP ONE Support Launchpad and try the support assistant for optimized incident creation.

This powerful feature assists in creating a more thorough incident, saving time and effort.

Access and Key Benefits

SAP customers can now access the support assistant via SAP ONE Support Launchpad with their S-User.

Product-specific questions are asked to help better categorize the issue and help ensure it gets routed to the best component and support expert the first time. While recommended content and solutions are displayed real-time at each step of this guided experience. Recommendations are curated by SAP Support experts and by using artificial intelligence (AI) technology from SAP.

A more complete incident is created by using support assistant because important questions are asked during the incident creation process to better understand the issue. This eliminates the one-size-fits-all approach to logging incidents from the past and expedites resolution time of the incidents while reducing the incident ping-pong that can slow things down.

The optimized support assistant uses decision tree technology to help categorize an issue and select a component/expert area that best suits the issue type.  No more looking through large lists to try and find the right fit — this gets users to a support expert that can help the first time.

How Does It Work?

To access the support assistant, visit SAP ONE Support Launchpad and start the incident creation process.

If the product you are using is available with the support assistant, you will be automatically prompted with the option to start it. Click the start button to open the support assistant feature.

For a list of products that already have the SAP Knowledge Base Article support assistant available, find more information via the following SAP Knowledge Base Article.

Once the support assistant starts, it will ask a few questions to help categorize the type of issue; for example, if it is an issue with installation or updates.

As you categorize your issue, recommended content is displayed on the right so you can do further investigation if you chose.

At the end of interaction with the support assistant, the details are captured within the incident creation form and a component will be selected automatically, saving valuable time and effort.

Below, see the new support assistant history section added, which captures the entire interaction.

Find out more about the availability of support assistant for your product area here.

To learn more about the support assistant and other new features, join a live webinar on April 21, 2020, 3:45-5:00 p.m. CET. Registration is free and a recording will be made available after the session under the same link.