The thought leader channel on the openSAP platform enables thought leaders from businesses and universities to share their research and ideas with a global audience and help learners become familiar with the resources for navigating through digital transformation.

The latest thought leaders to join the platform are from IBM and the University of St. Gallen. The new course, Enterprise Architecture in the Era of the Intelligent Enterprise,  offers insights into how structuring and planning an enterprise architecture can support a company’s move to an intelligent enterprise.

Robert Heidasch, global SAP Digital and Innovation lead at IBM and course instructor, shares more about why you should sign up.

Q: What is an intelligent enterprise?

A: The Intelligent Enterprise is a strategy for enabling the rapid transformation of data into insight – feeding process automation, innovation, and optimal experiences. The Intelligent Enterprise leverages emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and analytics to enable the workforce to focus on higher-value outcomes.

What is enterprise architecture and how does it support the Intelligent Enterprise?

When organizations standardize and organize IT infrastructure to align with their business goals, the result is called enterprise architecture. The transformation from a ‘traditional’ to an intelligent enterprise requires a scalable process where enterprise architecture and enterprise architecture management considerably reduce complexity and make it more manageable to achieve an optimized business outcome.

What will I gain from joining this course?

You’ll get an introduction to the concept of the Intelligent Enterprise and its architecture – the business platform, tools, and methodologies to manage its complexity and transformation. We’ll discuss the value of data and the architecture of business platforms, how to simplify them and redesign processes around AI, and how to enable people, the most valuable resource in your enterprise. We’ll also show you how to influence leaders using enterprise architecture management. The content is aimed at enterprise architects, business and technology leaders, and experts interested in the transformation toward an intelligent enterprise.

The instructors are from IBM and the University of St. Gallen. What’s the reason for bringing these different backgrounds to the course?

The intention is to provide an understanding of the new megatrends – intelligent enterprise and the enterprise architecture from an academic and a practical point of view. We share the experience of a leading university in the enterprise architecture and enterprise architecture management space and combine it with IBM’s deep industry experience in cognitive enterprise, like SAP’s ideas on the Intelligent Enterprise. We also present the new business and IT paradigms and discuss topics like transformation, required simplification, and people engagement to achieve the best possible business value for your enterprise.

Who is this course meant for?

The content is aimed at enterprise architects, business and technology leaders, and experts interested in transformation and on their way to the Intelligent Enterprise.

What is the structure and how much time will it take to complete?

The course starts March 31 with additional content released on April 7. The course will take three to four hours to complete and you can complete units in 20-minute slots. To earn a certificate at the end of the course, you must complete the assignments by April 29.

How do I join?

The course is provided free of charge and all you need to sign up is a valid email address. Create an account on openSAP to enroll.