Pharmaceutical innovation has long been focused on the development and delivery of lifesaving, health-focused products and services.

However, as patients become more proactive and involved in their wellness and providers face new market and regulatory expectations, the industry’s playbook is evolving – continuously, at an ever-accelerating pace.

Now, in addition to commercialization and profitability, they are at the front lines of patient safety and experience. From the globalization of drug supply chains to the competing alternatives for treatment or care and rising threats from counterfeit and fraudulent medicine, the role of pharmaceutical companies has never been more important.

So how can pharmaceutical companies work faster and smarter to relentlessly pursue proven solutions, meaningful provider relationships, and personalized patient outcomes? For many SAP customers in the industry, reliance on the SAP Model Company service for Pharmaceuticals is illuminating strategic priorities and new opportunities.

What Is SAP Model Company for Pharmaceuticals?

Using insights and knowledge acquired from long-term experience within the pharmaceutical industry, SAP has developed a portfolio of reference solutions and content called SAP Model Company for Pharmaceuticals.

SAP Model Company for Pharmaceuticals – Value proposition and scope

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SAP Model Company for Pharmaceuticals – Value proposition and scope


The service is prepackaged with SAP S/4HANA, ready to be used across end-to-end processes, and based on the latest industry best practices and master data. It delivers business value within two to four weeks by providing an advanced IT architecture and the highest degree of standardization in order to lower implementation risks and build a future-proof digital foundation.

For most customers, SAP Model Company for Pharmaceuticals is a critical component in their accelerated conversion to SAP S/4HANA. Interoperable with a library of model company offerings available through SAP, the service covers a large variety of core processes. It also allows hands-on experiences to experiment and test new use cases. These capabilities have inspired innovation for business areas, including product development, manufacturing, procurement, sales, logistics, and asset management. Industry-specific concerns are also addressed, such as batch traceability, active ingredients subcontracting, quality control, and regulatory compliance.

Additionally, SAP Model Company for Pharmaceuticals allows customers to innovate their operational processes by leveraging intelligent technologies and analytics capabilities. Doing so can drive considerable changes in product safety and stewardship and tank-level monitoring. As new innovations are added to the model company portfolio, new opportunities for improvement will introduce more efficient practices for functions such as compliance, sales, management of safety data sheets, and advanced track-and-trace capabilities.

Find Your Place in a World Where the rules of Patient Care Always Change

The ability to respond to patient expectations, provider demands, and government requirements will determine the winners in the pharmaceutical industry – in 2020 and beyond. Successful business model innovation, process optimization, and workforce productivity will always be inextricably linked to great patient, customer, and employee experiences.

Luckily, SAP Model Company for Pharmaceuticals is designed to help businesses pull away from the competition and widen the performance gap with each new innovation. By creating a landscape of exceptional experiences and patient assurance, customers can kickstart a new era of profitability with new technologies, practices, and methodologies that help deliver lifesaving products and services more efficiently.

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Maurice Carl Zettel is a business process consultant for SAP Digital Business Services.