Today’s employee experiences eventually become the foundation for taking charge of change tomorrow.

With the right connections, clarity, and community collaboration, people can sort through new problems, work in new environments, and adapt their skillsets with resilience and perseverance.

Business leaders that address these realities are the ones building their culture around human experience management (HXM). By continuously listening to their workforce to find and understand gaps, they redesign experiences, processes, and technologies in ways that matter to every end user – from candidates and new hires to recruiters, workers, contractors, and managers.

For many customers, SAP Solution Extensions have been a critical enabler that reveals the full potential of the human experience of everyday work. Customers are creating environments that are safe, healthy, engaging, and productive. More importantly, human resources (HR) is becoming their employees’ best ally as they work together to ensure business continuity.

Building Up Employee Capabilities with Resourcefulness 

Whether facing disruption or preparing for one in the future, HR teams must continuously develop their workforce to help ensure the right skills are in place and critical roles are filled. They must ensure employee needs – as well as business requirements – are addressed quickly with ease and clarity.

Consider the painstaking efforts that HR managers must take to help ensure customer service expectations are met by the right shift workers with the right skills working at the right time. The SAP Workforce Forecasting and Scheduling application by WorkForce Software enables customers to deliver on that promise by intelligently forecasting workforce demand and creating schedules that align with business drivers. By integrating this application with SAP or non-SAP business systems, this approach can not only reduce over- and understaffing, but also strengthen compliance with local labor laws.

While the forecasting and scheduling application provides tremendous advantages that the entire workforce and customer base can see, minor experiences can also create an impact. For example, the SAP Signature Management application by DocuSign digitalizes the traditionally manual process of signing paperwork for job candidates, new hires, and promoted employees. Now, documents can be signed in a matter of hours from any device, anywhere in the world. The application securely automates the workflow of processing documents, collects information for the HR system, and obtains legally binding signatures.

Creating a User Experience for Business Continuity

When it comes to business continuity, enabling an agile, engaged workforce is essential. Working in new ways from new locations requires systems and services that are efficient and accessible enough to support employees who are expected to quickly deliver impactful outcomes.

With the SAP User Experience Management application by Knoa, many customers are helping their employees interact with core business applications, which is optimizing user performance and satisfaction. The application provides the data and insight organizations need to identify and replicate best practices as well as locate and remedy process inefficiencies that can inhibit employee engagement or business agility.

Extending Human Experiences Throughout All HR Interactions

Like user experience, HR interactions should become more human-centered when adapting to contingencies and new policies. Employees certainly want to feel safe and equipped to do their jobs well. With the right digital resources in place, HR organizations can help ensure that continuity plans are effective, employees are supported, and organizations remain flexible in the face of unforeseen demands.

For example, the SAP Time Management application by Kronos infuses intelligence into HR operations by a streamlining and unifying time and attendance processes business-wide. This approach fosters compliance of labor and payroll regulations while the business mitigates risks and reduces costs without sacrificing critical talent and skills.

The SAP Time and Attendance Management application by WorkForce Software provides a complete view of employee labor activities. This information empowers business leaders to make informed decisions when reducing employee costs, supporting compliance with labor policies, accelerating business execution, and improving the bottom line.

Knowing that life changes in the workforce happen 365 days a year, many SAP customers are also relying on the SAP U.S. Benefits Administration application by Benefitfocus to oversee such events for U.S.-based employees. The application smoothly integrates with a core HR system of record and providers’ systems, giving employees access to their information without delay and errors.

The SAP SuccessFactors Document Management Core application by OpenText is further simplifying the process of making necessary changes for an employee or the entire team. With a central digital employee record, enabled by secure document storage, file synchronization, and document generation, HR leaders are integrating HR document management across the enterprise to ensure processes remain compliant – saving time, improving transparency, and better engaging employees.

Shaping the Future of Work with Valuable Learning Opportunities

With the degree of change happening in the current landscape, employees must be ready to tackle the new risks and opportunities that lie ahead. Unfortunately, they typically have less than a half-hour per week available to focus on reskilling, upskilling, and organizational transformation.

Business leaders can overcome this hurdle by providing targeted, high-quality content that can be consumed without disturbing the flow of daily work. In fact, they can give their learners access to more than 500 curated learning paths that have been developed based on the latest brain science to maximize engagement.

The SAP Content Stream application by Skillsoft provides an intelligent digital experience platform that offers personalized learning experiences with curated, top-quality content, such as productivity, collaboration, leadership, digital transformation, business essentials, and technology development. Additionally, a business continuity stream is available to help employees better understand the use of virtual teams and community-based collaboration and acquire the operational resilience to overcome the implications of the recent pandemic.

Taking Charge of Change Calls for a Human Experience

At the core of every employee experience is the desire for interactions that are profoundly human and personal. No matter what is happening in their business, employees want to know that they are protected, productive, and assured that their work has purpose and impact.

Understanding this social contract with the modern workforce, SAP is always inspired to innovate and delivers applications that equip customers with the capabilities they need to keep moving forward while taking care of the people that define their success.

The next article will explore how SAP Solution Extensions can help ensure investment in intelligent ERP, uniting business intelligence into one source of truth while reducing data entry and processing costs.

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