Most human resources (HR) professionals are familiar with the term human capital management (HCM), which refers to processes that align workforces with business needs. But some are less familiar with the newer concept of human experience management (HXM).

On the surface, HCM and HXM sound very similar, but there are important differences between the two. To help customers understand the new concept of HXM and why it matters, SAP invites them to join a free openSAP course, “An Introduction to Human Experience Management (HXM).”

The emergence of HXM is a result of the digitalization of work and the greater levels of competition, disruption, learning, and stress this has created for companies and employees. As the pace of change accelerates in the world, companies increasingly need more from employees, and employees expect more from companies. This is where HXM plays a role.

HXM is about creating work experiences that align employee wants and expectations with company goals, putting both on the same level. Employee experience links company decisions to business outcomes by connecting experience data (X-data) to operational data (O-data). Ensuring that employees enjoy their workplace experiences can help companies create a sustainable, agile, and productive workforce.

The openSAP course covers a variety of topics, including why HXM matters, the difference between HCM and HXM, and how to shape employee experiences. Participants can also learn about measuring and managing employee experiences as well as how to get started with an HXM strategy.

The course starts on May 26 and is open to everyone interested in learning about HXM. Once the course is open, participants can access all the learning content and connect with experts and other learners in the discussion forum. For those interested in earning a Record of Achievement for the course, they can do so until June 24.

Sign up today and get  ready to deliver amazing employee experiences that help meet company goals.