If you think of a traditional learning curve, it starts at the very bottom, where an individual works aggressively to move up a steep incline of acquiring new information and experience. After some time pushing up the hill, the curve eventually levels off when competence sets in.

Today, as developments and innovation in technology constantly change our world and how we work, we are forced to more regularly tackle new learning curves and shift our mindset to one of continuous learning.

Technology companies need to keep up with this rapid pace of change and offer platforms to enable continuous learning for their various audiences. While many recognize the need to empower their employee base to learn new skills and stay up-to-speed with the latest trends, it is also equally important to provide learning opportunities for the future workforce as well as customers.

Cultivating a Future-Focused Workforce

When it comes to a company’s employee base, we have seen a tremendous focus on upskilling. As Chief Learning Officer defines it, upskilling is about “taking current skills and refining them” — helping employees learn how to perform their jobs better amid disruption within organizations and industries. “The Future of Jobs Report,” published by the World Economic Forum in 2018, indicated that 54 percent of all employees will require reskilling and upskilling by 2022. This past January, the World Economic Forum’s related report on the “Jobs of Tomorrow” further underscored upskilling priorities across various professional fields.

However, we need to look at upskilling today as more than just another trend arising from companies’ digital transformations. Rather, it is a powerful opportunity to fuel sustained growth – both within a company and across the entire industry at large. By cultivating a future-focused workforce that places value on consistently upskilling, we can improve upon and even develop new core competencies while ensuring that the next generation is well prepared to join in.

Fostering Continuous Learning Among Customers

At SAP, we strive to help customers transform and become intelligent enterprises while also serving as a partner along the learning journey continuum to equip customers’ employees with all the tools and training resources they need to become “intelligent” as well. While customers take steps forward to digitally transform their business processes to stay competitive within the market, they must also ensure that their employees are taking similar steps forward to learn the necessary skills for navigating these new processes.

This is where SAP Learning Hub comes in. Unique in its ability to provide digital learning for all areas of the SAP ecosystem, SAP Learning Hub offers unmatched opportunities to build and maintain needed skills. Several different editions are available, including the professional, business, and solution editions. These have been developed — and are continually refreshed with new content — in order to match learners’ specific roles and levels of expertise. Complete with expert-led sessions, hands-on system practice, and social learning environments, the editions of SAP Learning Hub cover the entire SAP solution portfolio.

Additionally, to help integrate continuous learning into all kinds of lifestyles, each edition enables self-paced learning and can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Empowering the Next Generation

Most recently, SAP has tailored the new SAP Learning Hub, enhanced student edition, to match the needs of today’s students. Created alongside the SAP University Alliances and SAP Next-Gen programs, this edition strengthens the company’s collaboration with universities, building on its mission to inspire and accelerate the next generation of talent and leadership.

The learning content of the enhanced student edition focuses on forward-looking technologies, combined with advanced digital and collaborative tools, as well as hands-on practice and the opportunity to earn an SAP Global Certification digital badge. Featuring access to SAP experts and key SAP solutions – such as SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Customer Experience solutions, and SAP Analytics Cloud – the enhanced student edition of SAP Learning Hub prepares students of any academic discipline for a career within the SAP ecosystem.

In this uncertain and unprecedented moment in time, we are seeing how constant learning and the right knowledge of future-forward technologies are imperative to staying relevant in today’s job market. As students plan to enter the workforce in an evolving global landscape, having access to these kinds of forward-looking tech trainings will better help our world meet the demands of the future.

As students and current professionals progress through their SAP careers, SAP Learning Hub will continue to be there to foster new learning. SAP is committed to propelling continuous learning opportunities for its employees, customers, and the next-generation workforce to usher in intelligent enterprises of the future.

For more information on SAP Learning Hub, visit www.sap.com/learninghub

Eva Zauke is the chief knowledge officer and head of SAP Knowledge and Education.