FC Bayern Basketball (FCBB) started using the SAP Sports One solution in early 2017. Evaluation and analysis of data in the areas of training management, player fitness, performance diagnostics, and scouting gives players, coaches, and medical staff key advantages both on and off the court.

SAP Sports One supports FCBB with the digitalization, management, and optimization of all its processes, including administration, training management, team management, scouting, and medical processes. The team’s success shows that analyzing data from training, matches, management, and player performance can actively support maximum performance in professional sports.

Dem Gegner immer einen Schritt voraus

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Dem Gegner immer einen Schritt voraus

Everyone who plays a sport knows that even if everything goes like clockwork on the court, it still might not be enough. Top performance depends on a wide variety of factors and stakeholders. SAP Sports One supports players, the coaching team, and medical staff by providing reliable data analytics to evaluate, analyze, and optimize all those factors. The solution provides the right functions for every area.

Coach Oliver Kostic and his team can access a variety of functions in SAP Sports One. “The Training Planner application, for instance, lets us put together the best possible training plan and structure for the team,” he says. “After all, perfect cooperation by the team on the court is essential to top performance.”

FCBB Players

Team Manager is relevant for all team members — players, coaches, and medical staff — because it organizes all appointments and reminds its users of upcoming events.

The applications within SAP Sports One are also used during the final tactics briefing: Match Insights provides important information and data on the opponents and the game plan; Player Fitness helps them keep track of the players’ physical condition. What’s more, it lets the team doctor and his staff precisely monitor players’ health status during training as well as provides important, consistent insights into the team’s fitness. Scouting Insights  supports the coaching staff in recruiting new talent.

Another functional enhancement for match preparation is SAP Challenger Insights for iPad. “This app gives our coaching team access to a wide range of information about the opposing team, so players can prepare for their next match,” explains Kostic. “We can share player profiles, pictures, and videos, for example, as well as analyze the opposing team’s player characteristics, team positions, movements, and plays.”

SAP Sports One supports FC Bayern Basketball in playing together as a team. Particularly in times like these, when it is not possible to practice together on the court or provide tactical coaching and medical support as usual, we are seeing how important it is to digitally connect and analyze data.

Editor’s note: All video scenes that show players or fans were recorded before the restrictions on public gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic were imposed.