In times of intense disruption, it is tempting to set aside digital strategies to focus on business continuity and resiliency. But as increased intelligence, predictive insights, and connected ecosystems become critical parts of those efforts, companies should rethink those plans and accelerate the right changes.

In many ways, the past few months have revealed a story of accelerated transformation that is already underway. No matter how digitally mature they were before the disruption, businesses are beginning to realize that the need to change is not a one-time event or project. Instead, it is a long digital curve of responding to ever-evolving marketplaces, people, and social norms.

With off-site delivery of SAP Value Assurance service packages, customers have found that the expertise and support they need to ramp up and accelerate their digital efforts is more accessible without having to sacrifice quality and personalization.

Revving Up Digital Strategies to Strengthen Continuity and Resilience

SAP believes in giving customers guidance, supporting their unique paths, and staying committed to their success across every phase of the transformation journey. This is the case whether they choose to implement SAP solutions on their own, with the support of an SAP partner or systems integrator, or through collaboration with SAP consultants.

However, as new social norms begin to take shape in the workplace, SAP recognizes that business transformation projects should be managed differently. Now more than ever, the workforce is decentralized and no longer engaging in face-to-face meetings regularly.

At its core, SAP Value Assurance is designed to support customers’ distinct approaches with continuous collaboration and governance – on- and off-site. The offering provides remote access to SAP experts who are ready to help create personalized service plans, execute projects smoothly, and deliver solutions that are resilient, sustainable, and flexible enough to ensure business continuity.

With access to SAP Value Assurance on their terms, customers have the proven and preconfigured methodology, approach, and content necessary to accelerate successful go-lives of their SAP solution implementations with less risk. They can experience an end-to-end engagement of technology and business process expertise, best practices, and risk mitigation services that are relevant from the beginning of the implementation to the end of the final rollout.

Setting the Foundation for Transformation

Every engagement with SAP Value Assurance begins with proper planning practices to lay the foundation for a successful transformation. As the software provider, SAP brings a level of knowledge and transformation experience that helps ensure customers are heading in the right direction toward their expectations. Based on uncovered insights, an overall digital transformation strategy is created, detailing the architecture of the complete SAP solution as well as the transition to a cloud platform or changes to the on-premise environment.

Analytics is another critical topic during times of uncertainty, as organizations seek to gain real-time insights to achieve quick wins. Through the analytics design support service of SAP Value Assurance, customers can address all aspects related to the architecture or implementation design on on-premise and cloud-based tools from the SAP solution portfolio. These include SAP S/4HANA embedded analytics, SAP BW/4HANA, SAP Analytics Cloud, and SAP Business Planning and Consolidation.

Moving to a Trusted, Reliable, and High-Performance Platform

When implementing and adopting new technology, many customers encounter the need to update their existing IT infrastructure to optimize the potential of new capabilities and take advantage of better ways of getting work done. For instance, a pure on-premise landscape can become a hybrid, where some solutions stay on premise and others are newly implemented in the cloud. Doing so requires a high level of attention to the technical integration of the two environments and differences in business availability requirements.

To respond to these new demands and adjust to new business scenarios, moving to a hyperscaler environment can be an option to set up the technical infrastructure swiftly. Capacities can be adjusted with greater ease and more flexibility in order to meet the needs of tightening budget restrictions.

With the assistance of the platform design support service, customers can leverage a set of different activities to help them define and record a holistic technical architecture and infrastructure – ideally captured in a technical design document. This approach offers the insight, visibility, and tools needed to validate the technical architecture and sizing projection, identify open items, and propose mitigation activities.

Evolving on a Trajectory to Continuous Readiness

Staying relevant in a time where everything can change at a moment’s notice is not something that can be achieved overnight or merely by adopting the “right” technology. It requires a commitment to leading and embracing change across people, cultures, and processes as new challenges emerge and untapped competitive advantages are revealed.

SAP Value Assurance is available anytime and anywhere – giving customers the supportive foundation they need to navigate today’s disruption and plan for tomorrow.

Discover how your business can gain resilience and strength with SAP Value Assurance.

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Thomas Wolf is a service offering manager for SAP Value Assurance and SAP Advanced Deployment.
Ulrich Schuppler is a product manager for SAP Value Assurance.