SAP is committed to a long-term, strategic investment in its portfolio of proven solutions for small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), which make up approximately 80 percent of its customers around the world.

These growing enterprises prioritize the value that comes from providing an excellent customer experience, according to the latest research by Oxford Economics. In today’s harsh economic environment, SMEs require digital solutions that provide access to real-time data analytics for fast decision-making and support valued, personal relationships with customers and employees.

At SAPPHIRE NOW, SAP customers and SMEs shared how they are adjusting to new market conditions. These enterprises are using digital technology to overcome uncertainty and reimagine their business. To find out more, watch this SAPPHIRE NOW broadcast.

Solutions that Grow with the Business

Together with a global ecosystem of partners, SAP provides a multifaceted approach to delivering business software that grows with young, agile businesses. And with the promise to help customers run at their best, SAP helps ensure that businesses of all sizes can benefit from innovation without disruption.

“We always have a 10- to 15-year horizon in front of us,” Rainer Zinow, senior vice president of SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign, said at the SAP Global Partner Summit 2020, held online in June. “Our mission is to make sure our solutions work best for you – our partners and customers – in the long run. Therefore, we are making technological investments to make sure we get the most out of it for you.”

SAP Business ByDesign is a public cloud suite-in-a-box for fast deployment and low cost of ownership, Zinow underscored. SAP Business One is for companies with an on-premise or hosted deployment model, and SAP S/4HANA Cloud is the multi-component suite for companies with deep functional requirements.

Commitment to Choice

While the public cloud market is expanding in all segments and business functions, demand for on-premise enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions remains solidly robust. Fortunately, SAP is well positioned to deliver on its commitment to supplying a diversified solution portfolio to meet the varied needs of its customers.

“What sets SAP apart in the market is that we offer choice on the deployment method – whether on premise, private cloud, or public cloud,” Zinow said. “And we offer choice regarding the licensing model, be it a perpetual or subscription-based model. With SAP Business One and SAP Business ByDesign, we are well equipped for the market.”

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