SAP has released version 2009 of SAP Yard Logistics for SAP S/4HANA, simplifying and streamlining truck, container, and rail yard management in various industries and other means of transport.

With flexible deployment options, rich integration features, and business process-based task handling, the application offers full coverage of customer yard scenarios. Mobile apps and yard visualization help to refine the solution. Various customers around the globe are using SAP Yard Logistics in different industries, such as automotive, logistics, retail, manufacturing, mill and mining, chemicals, and travel and transportation.

SAP Yard Logistics continues to provide new benefits to customers, including increased changeability of yard documents and new features such as the rule-based yard task processing. Customers using the application can benefit from having complete control over yard task handling and dynamic follow-up events. They are able to define and change business rules on demand. Furthermore, customers can benefit from an optimized process flow and can easily react to exceptions or other events.

Additional unique features and business values that customers can experience include:

  • Dynamically managing business processes using rule-based yard activities
  • Managing unplanned changes and exceptions efficiently by leveraging new yard order adoption possibilities
  • Utilizing additional mobile scenarios for unplanned activities and inspections
  • Benefiting from various newly introduced automation scenarios that help to simplify process steps to easily react to exceptions or other events
  • Leveraging advanced dock appointment scheduling of SAP Logistics Business Network, using its standard integration with SAP Yard Logistics

Specifically, the automation and rule-based scenarios provide new and comprehensive options to improve and simplify yard processes for SAP customers.

SAP has integrated the Business Rules Framework plus (BRFplus) in yard order and yard task handling, enabling dynamic processes based on the activities taking place in the yard.

Explore Functions and Features

Nothing is more convincing than experience. A free trial of the application allows for diving deeper into the functions and features. You can get access to an SAP Yard Logistics environment with preconfigured scenarios supporting in- and outbound processes, including activated SAP Fiori apps; experience how the capabilities of the solution and its intuitive processes can elevate performance to new heights; and explore the preconfigured scenarios and add more processes as you like.

For more information or a live demo, contact yard_logistics@sap.com.

Christian Reinhardt is product manager for SAP Yard Logistics.