Board games that teach business are nothing new. The most popular and enduring is Monopoly, invented in 1903 as an educational tool to illustrate the negative aspects of concentrating land in private monopolies. In its more current version, the goal is to drive your opponents into bankruptcy, with success based solely on the roll of the dice.

The new SAP S/4HANA virtual board game is designed to help real enterprises succeed by examining business objectives and connecting them to relevant SAP capabilities in a strategic and engaging way.

Why Play

Tom Janoshalmi, global head of Digital Core for SAP S/4HANA Movement, believes the need for customers to understand the value and benefits of moving to SAP S/4HANA is greater than ever. COVID-19 has shaken the world, and enterprises are scrambling to address issues such as sourcing challenges and managing remote work. SAP software can help manage and adjust to the changes that are happening inside their companies, with their customers, and with their supply chains.

Gamifying SAP S/4HANA

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Gamifying SAP S/4HANA

But customers need better guidance on how SAP S/4HANA can help them address potential supply chain disruptions, identify alternative sources of supply, and move goods efficiently and cost effectively.

“One of our objectives with the SAP S/4HANA Movement program redesign was to change the language and depart from technical upgrades,” Janoshalmi said. “We’ve developed a virtual board game for SAP sales teams to play with their customers to help them discover the value of SAP S/4HANA. The engagement starts with identifying the customer’s business objectives and helps them find relevant SAP solutions in an intelligent, mindful way.”

How to Play

To play the game, you need an SAP facilitator, who can be someone from a presales team, a value advisor, or even a partner. The players are the relevant people at the customer, and the goals of the game are simple.

The first goal is to educate the customer about the capabilities of SAP S/4HANA. Next, the players identify the business value of moving to SAP S/4HANA by discussing the customer’s current operations. The goal of this step is to help the customer discover the value drivers — in other words, the advantages of making the move. Lastly, the customer’s ultimate goal is to identify realistic, achievable outcomes. The SAP facilitator’s role is to keep the flow going and promote collaboration between the teams. The virtual board game can be played from the financial or line-of-business, such as procurement or supply chain, perspective.

Why It Works

Humans are naturally playful creatures, and gamification – turning a business process or learning task into a participatory game – has proven to be an effective strategic tool.

Like any great board game, this one is a winner because it engages the players from the outset. It involves strategic thinking and smart decision-making, and leaves nothing to chance. Rules are well defined and logical, and players move seamlessly from one action to the next. The purpose is clearly defined, and the outcome is a clear plan of action. And, like any great game, it can be played repeatedly to achieve better and better results.

“Customers appreciate that we are simplifying very complex topics and giving them a fresh way of communicating with each other and with SAP,” Janoshalmi said. “It enables them to do some critical thinking about their situation and actually see that their objectives are achievable. They can see how SAP S/4HANA fits into their own strategic roadmap.”

Sales teams around the world are excited about this new tool for engaging with SAP customers. Eduardo Rubia, part of the Business Transformation Services team in Latin America, says the gamified approach was instrumental in helping executives at the largest oil and gas company in the region discuss their business objectives and create the right conditions for a fast value discovery.

Customers like PVH, one of the largest apparel companies in the world, that have already made the move, believe SAP S/4HANA gives them the transparency and flexibility needed for growth. The new SAP S/4HANA virtual board bame will help others discover exactly how it can help them reach the next level on their digital journey by supporting innovation, modernization, digitalization, and scalability.

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