SAP Enterprise Support Academy: Adapting Technology Support and Enablement for a Hybrid Workforce


The traditional office space may not be disappearing entirely anytime soon. But, many SAP customers are preparing to make dramatic changes in how they support their employees no matter where they are with the SAP Enterprise Support Academy program.

After a year of significant shifts in the employee experience, organizations worldwide are benefiting from cloud technologies, process automation, and collaborative applications. However, all these changes require a workforce that is skilled to leverage these new tools and user experiences efficiently to drive greater employee satisfaction and better business value.

SAP Enterprise Support Academy is designed to help handle this increasingly pressing challenge for SAP customers while reducing their IT costs. Around-the-clock access to expert guidance and high impact knowledge transfer services help enable employees across all roles to build their technical skills and get the full value of their organization’s SAP solutions.

Flexible Access to Self-Paced, Live, and Trusted Expertise

Since the beginning of this year, more than 17,500 customers have engaged in over 13,800 learning activities – 75% of which covered cloud and hybrid deployment topics. Best of all, they are accessing the program for free through an active subscription of SAP Enterprise Support or SAP Product Support for Large Enterprises.

SAP Enterprise Support Academy offers a wide range of educational training offerings augmented with an ever-evolving database of 1,200 learning assets:

1. Self-Paced Learning

Guided by prescriptive and social-driven analysis of the individual user’s learning needs and style, SAP Enterprise Support Academy recommends live and on-demand learning support offerings and a personalized learning plan. In addition, our customers can visit the SAP Enterprise Support edition of SAP Learning Hub to choose from a catalog of virtual learning options, allowing access to sessions whenever and wherever users want.

2. Live Virtual Sessions with SAP Experts

By collaborating with SAP experts through SAP Enterprise Support guides, our customers can participate in a high impact knowledge transfer on topics including integration, deployment, and system operations. Each session can range anywhere between a 60-minute call to a multi-day training workshop.

Each live virtual interaction is tailored to help our customers prepare for a migration to SAP S/4HANA on their terms, get answers to their questions, and explore different options for their plans for future digital transformation.

3. Value Maps

The SAP Enterprise Support value maps work to lead our customers through the knowledge, skills, and services needed to address business challenges and adopt intelligent technologies. The value maps provide direct access to SAP experts, collaboration forums, high impact learning, and prescriptive guidance, so users can achieve meaningful results and unlock new potential for growth.

Ever-Expanding Learning Options to Meet Unique Requirements

No matter the learning experience and topic, we want to help our customers have access to the information they need to move their business forward. This mission underlying SAP Enterprise Support Academy drives our team of SAP experts and support engineers to continuously adapt, integrate, and expand the learning portfolio.

Every month, we send registered users a newsletter detailing the latest content added to SAP Enterprise Support Academy and the highlights of upcoming sessions. Plus, promotional articles are featured to provide a first look into new offerings being extended to program users.

A Distinct Opportunity to Maximize the Value of SAP Software

With a good balance of self-paced learning, educational content, and expert guidance, our customers can close their workforce’s digital skill gaps at any place, any time, and through any device.

That’s the beauty of SAP Enterprise Support Academy. Regardless of role, digital experience, or education, everyone can build up their proficiency in using SAP software – such as SAP S/4HANA and SAP SuccessFactors solutions. And over time, as they apply their new skills, innovative ideas, and process know-how, employees are prepared to successfully achieve expected business outcomes together.

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Silvia Gaber is part of SAP Enterprise Support Academy at SAP.