Effective communications have never been more important than today. At SAP, we know the fundamental role communication plays in all facets of business.

Rethinking the way we communicate both internally and to external stakeholders, Nicola Leske has been instrumental in lifting SAP’s communications to a new level and finding new and creative ways to communicate and connect with our teams, our customers, industry influencers, and our communities. From keeping colleagues on top of things during the pandemic, to managing two CEO transitions, to lifting our engagements with key stakeholders to a new level: Under Nicola’s leadership, the team showed that communications and business success are inseparable.

At the beginning of this year, Nicola informed us that 2021 was a transitional year for her. Now, she felt the timing was right to make her next step and enter a new phase of her career. We thank her for her leadership and contribution, and as she leaves the company, she does so with our warmest wishes for success. Luckily, we can build on the successes the team has already achieved. We are very grateful that Nicola agreed to stay until a succession plan was developed.

To that end, I am happy to announce that Oliver Roll will assume the role of chief communications officer, starting today. With Oliver’s leadership, we will continue to transform Global Corporate Affairs into an outcome-driven and agile organization.

Oliver is a seasoned communications expert with an impressive track record in the cloud, software, and network markets. He has worked with C-level executives around the globe and led the communications function for some of the world’s leading technology brands, among them VMWare, Cisco, and Microsoft’s Office Division, helping them transform their reputations, position their portfolios, and navigate the myriad of issues facing the challenging environment the technology industry is facing.

In addition to his communications expertise, Oliver also embodies SAP’s mission to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. He serves as a board member for HomeFirst, a non-profit working to end homelessness in Santa Clara County, and as an advisor to FOXG1 Research Foundation, a non-profit focused on finding a cure for FOXG1 Syndrome.

I am convinced that Oliver’s impressive background paired with his strong leadership skills will allow us to take communications at SAP to even greater heights and translate our corporate strategy into an actionable and cohesive communications strategy.

Thank you, Nicola – and welcome, Oliver!

Julia White is chief marketing and solutions officer and a member of the Executive Board of SAP SE.