The Fastest Route to Sales Planning with maiTour for SAP Sales Cloud on SAP Store


Anyone in professional sales knows how important it is to use time efficiently. As a former account executive, I remember the demands of meeting my revenue goals while making sure I had enough time to spend with my customers.

That’s why I am so enthusiastic about maiTour for SAP Sales Cloud from Nagarro ES, which uses advanced technology to help sales professionals plan their schedules down to the minute. Now available on SAP Store, maiTour integrates with SAP Sales Cloud to pair customer insights with intelligent tour planning and real-time geo-optimization.

Driving Efficiency in Tour and Call Planning

Oliver Mosick, senior sales manager for Nagarro ES, explained that the heart of maiTour is high-value customer relationships. “In sales, you need to spend more of your time with high-value contacts than the ones who might have the best coffee,” he commented.

He went on to explain that maiTour uses key metrics stored in SAP Sales Cloud – classification and visit frequency, their commitments, planned activities, contact details, visit duration, and so on – to determine the importance of each customer. The solution incorporates appointments from a calendar in SAP Sales Cloud and automatically selects which customers to visit and in what order. It geo-optimizes sales routes with both real-time and historical traffic information and adjusts planning periods and overnight stays automatically.

“And to top it all off,” Mosick noted, “maiTour transfers all your visits and necessary details to your calendar with one click. The life of every field sales executive is instantly more manageable and productive. No more cut and paste from your CRM to Google Maps and fiddling around with your calendar to figure out the right time to leave from one customer to arrive at the next.” He added that, by driving smarter, maiTour users have cut mileage by up to 15%.

Mapping Product Design for Future Customer Requirements

Like me, Mosick speaks from experience, having spent his career in sales. Now working directly with customers interested in improving sales processes with maiTour, “we speak the same language,” he observed. And customer input is inherent in the design. Dominik Girstenbrei, product manager for maiTour and a developer himself, works directly with customers to understand their requirements. He approaches product design from the customer’s perspective and thinks ahead to build in features they will need in the future. “We are continuously improving with every new release, looking at new capabilities and working with the SAP team on the product road map.”

Clearly, integration with SAP Sales Cloud is paramount. As a full-service IT provider for enterprise applications, Nagarro ES is a long-time SAP partner. CX Services, a Nagarro ES business unit, specializes in developing innovative, best-of-breed software extensions and embedded solutions to complement SAP IT landscapes, focusing primarily on add-ons for SAP Sales Cloud and SAP S/4HANA. In fact, Nagarro ES currently has six apps on SAP Store.

That includes a new product, Invoice Scanner for SAP S/4HANA, that enhances the digital invoice-receipt workflow. That level of diversification, Mosick said, was instrumental in helping the company weather the pandemic, when sales opportunities for maiTour were interrupted with the sudden suspension of business travel.

Steering Business Through SAP Store

“I see that more and more customers are coming to SAP Store. The team is always helpful and has supported us in numerous customer activities,” Mosick remarked. That goes both ways. “We recently collaborated on a request for proposal from a major German beer brand, and actually, maiTour was the decision point.”

Mosick’s advice for others considering publishing on SAP Store? “Get in touch with the SAP Store team! Or talk to us if you have an idea for enhancing end-to-end processes for the SAP ecosystem. We are pushing innovation whenever we can. We are available to support startups and solution providers to develop and implement new and current solutions for the SAP world.”

Test drive maiTour for SAP Sales Cloud or watch a demo right on SAP Store.

Bill Rojas is senior director of Business Development and Partner Alliances for SAP Digital Commerce.