Digitally connected companies have become a dominant force in the business world today. No longer constrained by legacy IT systems, such companies can leverage cloud business applications that transform business models and innovate at an incredible rate. Companies can achieve outcomes not previously feasible in a solely on-premise landscape.

Access to predefined industry scenarios in the cloud is convenient and returns value quickly. Yet, companies ask how they can leverage industry solutions specifically for their business. Which solution would have the highest impact, and which are not necessary? What processes borrowed from other industries would help us innovate? SAP Services and Support offers services to help address these questions specifically. Companies can explore which solutions fit business needs best and then develop a vision to innovate. SAP Advisory Services can also provide technology guidance on how to integrate industry cloud and intelligent applications into an existing system landscape. Also, a user interface prototype or showcase is included.

Once clear on a vision to extend core business process with innovative solutions in the cloud, the next step is to achieve value without delay. To that end, SAP offers quick-start services designed to help launch and run industry cloud solutions from SAP and create value rapidly. The services apply SAP best practices and internal knowledge of the solution while using agile project deployment. There’s a common structure and approach, but the scope and content are specific for each industry cloud solution. The quick-start services can also be a foundation for a larger-scale, future deployment. A rich set of industry applications and services developed by SAP partners can enhance industry cloud solutions from SAP.

SAP’s industry cloud has been inspired by the opportunities and challenges real enterprises face. SAP Services and Support is a vital force in helping companies deploy and adopt industry cloud solutions from SAP, accelerate innovation, differentiate their business, compete more effectively, and run more successfully.

Lois Bruckner is senior director of the Services Business Office at SAP.
Fritz Onnasch is services offering manager for Industry Cloud and Manufacturing Industries at SAP.