At Expo 2020 Dubai, where innovation and technology are at the center stage, the SAP Services team will be at the forefront, leveraging our most innovative solutions to help our customers and partners explore new ways to deliver business value.

Throughout our six-month presence at SAP House Dubai within Expo 2020, you can participate in various workshops and events that showcase how our vast portfolio and deep expertise can address industry-specific challenges and improve business value for your organization.

You can experience and explore our offerings and use cases that can inspire you to make your businesses more efficient, more sustainable, and more profitable.

Bring the Intelligent Enterprise Vision to Life

At Expo 2020 Dubai, you can envision a bold future and bring it to life with our expertise. You can learn how to turn inspiring ideas into real business outcomes to fulfill your organization’s strategic goals – from achieving higher productivity and performance to capturing new sources of value, from building a better future for your company to making the world a better place – by transforming value chains, business models, and learning strategies.

SAP events and workshops at Expo 2020 Dubai can help you envision what’s possible and learn how to achieve it by:

  • Creating a culture of continuous learning to deliver transformative business outcome by offering both in-office and remote workforces with a flexible learning system that enables employees to learn in the flow of work
  • Collaborating with partners to successfully accelerate SAP customers’ digital transformations in a way that simplifies the engagement, reduces deployment risks, decreases delivery inefficiencies, and improves time to value
  • Co-innovating with customers across key industries to jointly find improvement areas and high-value innovation opportunities, along with tailored step-by-step road maps to get there

Reimagine and Reset the Future at Expo 2020 Dubai

Whether you are reengineering operations in a fast-changing industry landscape, reimagining learning in a disrupted work environment, or accelerating transformation in the cloud, there is a workshop or an event for every customer and partner at SAP House in the heart of Expo 2020. We encourage you to participate and embark on your journey to success.

Find information on upcoming events and workshops from SAP Services and Support here.

Learning Strategy-Focused Event

Discover how intuitive, flexible digital learning technology can simultaneously improve employee satisfaction and your organization’s bottom line.

Partner-Focused Event

Learn how SAP engages with partners in partner-led projects to deliver customer success, and find out how SAP helps our partners develop the skills to help ensure project success.

  • SAP Together with SAP Partners: 1+1 = More Than 2
    November 4, 2021; registration

Industry-Focused Workshops

Engage in a design thinking workshop in which experts share the latest industry challenges, help identify pain points, link improvement areas to cutting-edge innovative use cases, and define a road map with initiatives across the dimensions of value potential and ease of realization. (Participation by invitation only.)

  • Faster innovation with a services workshop for Middle Eastern customers in the oil and gas industry (December 5, 2021)
  • Accelerate innovation with a services workshop for Middle Eastern customers in the agribusiness and digital farming industry (December 7, 2021)
  • Speed up innovation with a services workshop for Middle Eastern customers in the utilities industry (December 6, 2021)

Rashi Sawhney is a business development expert for SAP Services.