By complementing and extending the RISE with SAP offering with SAP Solution Extensions, you can now accelerate your intelligent enterprise journey while addressing current and future challenges head-on.

With access to more than 90 solutions, over 10,000 organizations – and 50 million people – rely on SAP Solution Extensions to help advance and realize their full potential as an intelligent enterprise. Sourced from market-leading third parties, these solutions are thoroughly vetted by SAP to help ensure they meet exacting standards for security, accessibility, functional correctness, performance, and scalability.

Whether you’re addressing industry- or line-of-business-specific challenges, our solution extensions offer comprehensive services and capabilities that can simplify your intelligent enterprise journey. From retail and utilities to finance and human experience management (HXM), your business’ digital transformation can be accelerated with both RISE with SAP and SAP Solution Extensions.

Build Your Intelligent Enterprise, Your Way 

By combining RISE with SAP and SAP Solution Extensions, you can move from legacy enterprise resource planning (ERP) to our modern ERP software – SAP S/4HANA Cloud – on your terms. And in return, your business can accelerate meaningful change without committing to a high up-front investment nor creating additional IT complexity.

Solution extensions supporting RISE with SAP are advantageous in two key phases of the journey to SAP S/4HANA Cloud: technical migration and application lifecycle management. As a result, you can focus on the organizational and people changes needed to enable true business transformation.

Cost-Effective, Lower-Risk Technical Migrations

During the technical migration phase, SAP Solution Extensions help drive productivity and efficiency while accelerating the implementation and go-live of SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Take, for example, the SAP Advanced Data Migration application by Syniti. This cloud-based application tackles one of the most challenging aspects of digital transformation: data migration. It leverages machine learning to help streamline migrations, drive data integrity, and support the transition into an intelligent enterprise. In addition, you can capture data changes, policies, and other related information, acquire recommendations for next steps, preserve knowledge for future use, and improve decision-making.

Organization-Enabling Application Lifecycle Management

The ability to assess, design, operate, and optimize technology supports an application lifecycle management process that empowers lines of business to evolve as needed. Integrating solution extensions with RISE with SAP enables to identify high-risk application areas, automate testing, and simulate real-world conditions to test application performance.

For instance, SAP application testing solutions by Tricentis allow organizations to accelerate solution innovations through cost-effective, simplified, and optimized software-testing processes enabled by artificial intelligence (AI), advanced automation, and risk-based test plans. These activities include change impact analysiscontinuous testing of SAP and third-party applications, performance testing of new applications and upgrades, and automated data integrity testing.

Magnify the Promise of Digital Transformation

SAP brings a lot to the table. But when we combine our technologies with the expertise and ingenuity of our partners, businesses of all industries and sizes can achieve their complete picture of an intelligent enterprise faster and better than ever.

That’s the beauty of SAP Solution Extensions. Tightly integrated with SAP offerings such as RISE with SAP, solution extensions clear the way to a more impactful digital transformation journey – on your terms.

Find out how you can achieve a holistic business transformation on your terms and timeline in the e-book, “SAP Solution Extensions for RISE with SAP Can Help You Shine.”