From the simplest to the most complex projects, SAP Business Technology Platform is a critical piece of the larger digital transformation puzzle – empowering organizations to deliver human experiences that are integrated, data-driven, and extensible.

The more sophisticated technology becomes, the greater the struggle to adopt new business models and establish internal policies and processes to support them. Yet, the barrier is not the technology – it’s how people experience those models.

One of the ways you can focus on the human factor of digital transformation is by implementing SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). The platform features a comprehensive selection of solutions and functionalities that are cloud native or can be used for on-premise or hybrid environments and architectures. It includes database and data management solutions, analytics advancements, application development and integration capabilities, and intelligent technologies.

By integrating your choice of functionalities across SAP solutions and processes on a single platform, you can obtain the critical insights and tools you need to amplify the value of those investments. But many organizations are gaining even more value when leveraging SAP Services and Support offerings that emphasize enablement, integration, optimization, and operational change.

Connecting Digital Change to the Human Experience

It seems that SAP customers know a secret to meaningful change that most businesses do not. According to a newly released IDC Vendor Spotlight, “The Benefits of Services and Support for Complex Technology Adoption,” surveyed CIOs and business managers indicated that they are too focused on their processes and organizational structure to take full advantage of new technology solutions and platforms. As a result, they cannot quantify business value adequately, nor scale and innovate with the IT architecture effectively.

Many organizations worldwide are using SAP BTP to help address operational- and talent-related challenges in digital transformation initiatives. You can innovate a wide variety of new business scenarios and strengthen existing ones with technology providers and partners that provide ongoing services and support with a portfolio of integrated applications and services.

But with the help of SAP Services and Support, you can safeguard a key part of your future success – how your customers and employees experience change. Every day, our service experts and I see how an outside perspective from vendor-driven services can help an organization gain the full value of increasingly complex technology. Such support brings much more than deep, industry-specific expertise and proprietary solutions and methodologies. It’s a much-needed answer to addressing unique people-related challenges quickly and effectively when they occur.

For example, the premium engagements services from SAP, with tailored business scenarios enabled by SAP BTP, offer detailed road maps for specific business objectives. The SAP Preferred Success offering provides recommendations for optimizing cloud solutions from SAP. Our step-by-step, quick-start SAP Advisory Services help ensure technical and functional cloud readiness to adopt new industry and business scenarios and accelerate deployment and delivery. Meanwhile, our training and adoption options provide the continuous learning, hands-on practice, and skill validation you need to use the platform confidently.

Combining SAP BTP and SAP Services and Support helps unlock human-centered solution design that empathizes with real-world challenges of customers and employees. This collaboration allows you to identify significant use cases, create relevant and engaging user experiences, and develop value-added services. In fact, one of our customers – Kakao Enterprise – verified 68 cross-industry use cases to expand its consumer-grade mobile app’s functionality to improve user flow and overall performance quality for a business-to-business market.

Building Up Transformations That Last

Without question, your organization has profound opportunities to advance your digital transformation, especially when leveraging our technologies and the expertise of our global ecosystem of partners. But that does not mean that the internal challenges encountered along the way are becoming any less critical to resolve.

SAP BTP and SAP Services and Support provide the tools and expertise that help you and your partners overcome technical and nontechnical barriers that get in the way of realizing a future as an intelligent enterprise. And as you continue to refine, innovate, and expand business scenarios and digital capabilities, we help you, as our customer, become well-positioned to deliver ongoing value to your business and the people that support you.

Find out how vendor-provided services and support can help your business manage a complicated digital transformation more effectively, with minimal disruption and long-term success. Read the IDC Vendor Spotlight, sponsored by SAP, “The Benefits of Services and Support for Complex Technology Adoption.”

Augusta Spinelli is interim services president and head of Services Intelligent Delivery Group at SAP.