How SAP Is Co-Innovating with Doosan and Microsoft to Create a “Delightful Digital Workplace”


As we kick off the new year, and enter the third year of the global pandemic, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on the incredible transformation businesses have endured. Keeping workers safe, reacting to turbulent supply and demand, understanding changing regulations and guidelines, switching to remote work, and then learning to create a hybrid culture. It’s been an emotional shared experience – an intensely human one – and one that will continue.

This ongoing change has sparked an urgent need to create cultures that encourage collaboration, feedback, and openness, supported by technology and leadership. With less time in-person, people need a new way to connect and share feedback.

To meet the needs of today’s hybrid workforce, Doosan has created a new employee experience called “Delightful Digital Workplace.” The project, which is the result of a co-innovation project between SAP, Microsoft, and Doosan, was first unveiled at CES. Delightful Digital Workplace integrates SAP SuccessFactors solutions and Microsoft Teams to provide managers and employees with a collaborative application to share ongoing feedback – right in the flow of work.

Encouraging Continuous Feedback to Drive Culture Change

Here’s how it works: Delightful Digital Workplace integrates the continuous performance management functionality of SAP SuccessFactors Performance & GoalsSAP Business Technology Platform, and Microsoft Teams, so employees and managers can share feedback in the flow of work. For example, after a meeting, employees can provide and request feedback through Teams on the topics discussed. Co-creation of a seamless user experience means employees don’t have to switch applications or interfaces. Instead of waiting for a check-in or missing an opportunity altogether, feedback becomes timely and contextualized. This helps employees improve their performance and increase productivity, and helps managers make timely and informed decisions around employees’ development.

Working in a hybrid environment requires a shift in culture. With Delightful Digital Workplace, the company is able to drive this culture change by opening the lines of communication among its people. It’s creating new ways for employees to engage with each other. With more frequent feedback and increased collaboration, it helps to remove barriers and give employees a voice – even when they are remote. It also helps companies understand their people – what they need, where they’re headed, and how to make work better.

Robert Oh, executive vice president, Doosan Corporation, shared: “The major intent of doing this first was improving the overall efficiencies, but more importantly improving our employee experience.”

“Hybrid work enables next-generation experiences whether at home or in a traditional office setting,” said Mala Anand, corporate vice president of Customer Experience & Success at Microsoft. “It requires organizations to reimagine the employee experience. With Microsoft Teams and Viva, we empower employees to achieve incredible results through increased collaboration and productivity.”

Using Co-Innovation to Improve the Employee Experience 

Doosan’s Delightful Workplace is an example of what’s possible when you bring together different technologies to create a single experience for employees. We all learn from it and benefit from it.

“Doosan sets a high bar for using collaborative apps to foster employee experience with the Delightful Digital Workplace, and through our longstanding and trusted collaboration, Microsoft and SAP play a key role providing innovations and insights underpinning the program,” said Anand.

Oh shared the benefits of the co-innovation as well. Through Delightful Digital Workplace, Doosan has had the opportunity to interact with global teams at Microsoft and SAP, and gain confidence working on a global project. And it demonstrated the power of having “committed and capable global partners to not only think about co-innovation ideas, but to execute them and make them happen.”

SAP plans to continue innovating with Doosan and Microsoft to optimize Delightful Digital Workplace and explore new cases with SAP Business Technology Platform and Microsoft Teams.

Tune into the virtual panel aired at CES to learn more about
Doosan’s Delightful Digital Workplace

Jill Popelka is SAP SuccessFactors president.