Right now, workplaces are at a tipping point where the organizational dynamics of the past are no longer sufficient. From fairness and equity, learning and mobility, and people vitality and well-being to the rise of people-centric leadership, people are reevaluating their job situation to consider the experiences and opportunities they desire most.

This reflective mindset sweeping across every business is driving a diversity of thought that’s shaping the future, widening perspectives, and providing tools to change work for good. And it’s important for every person ‒ regardless of age, role, status, and experience ‒ to be engaged in this global conversation.

The new series of Forward Live is one of those opportunities for unfiltered and relatable discussions with forward-thinking industry leaders. With a perfect blend of self-discovery and curiosity and a dash of entertaining fun and humor, the SAP SuccessFactors video series will uncover how the best possible human experiences at work are created.

Looking Ahead for What’s Next

Each episode of Forward Live will include live and thought-provoking interviews with some of today’s most interesting personalities and brightest thinkers. Viewers will also be treated to panel discussions with SAP SuccessFactors customers that are changing the business world in positive and monumental ways, as well as a range of entertaining games and audience engagement.

Explore how to build a more inclusive culture at work in the premiere episode on April 19, hosted by New York Times best-selling author and Emmy-nominated storyteller Baratunde Thurston. Thurston brings his unique blend of humor, wisdom, and compassion to lead the conversation around diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B).

Thurston will be joined on stage by a panel of leaders featuring NBA Chief People and Inclusion Officer, Oris Stuart; Paramount Senior Vice President of Global Inclusion Strategy, Jason Williams; Tapestry Global HR Officer, Sarah Dunn; and SAP SuccessFactors President, Jill Popelka. Together they will explore the topic of DEI&B in the workplace, including challenges they are facing in their respective industries and inspiring approaches they are taking to create inclusive cultures where their employees and customers feel like they belong. The timing of this conversation couldn’t be better now that organizations are devoting over 40% more effort toward resolving people biases compared to process biases.

The series will continue throughout the rest of the year with more inspiring guests and important conversations. Future episodes will tackle topics such as the importance of learning and upskilling for a sustainable workforce, new ways of working and building an inclusive culture and the different skills needed to support them, and how businesses can redefine work in ways that support the whole employee, from personal life and professional ambitions to the need for purpose.

SAP SuccessFactors is proud to present this second series of Forward Live. Just like you, we’re inspired to turn work into an extension of every person’s purpose and create a world of conscientious workforces always supported, motivated, and skilled to take on every challenge that comes their way. And we are grateful to our Forward Live thought-leadership partners and SAP SuccessFactors customers for sharing the advice, strategies, and stories that will help change work for good.

Catch every episode of the SAP original series Forward at sap.com/HXMForward.

Kim Lessley is global director of Solution Marketing for SAP SuccessFactors.