Banco Atlántida S.A. was the first bank established in Honduras more than 100 years ago, playing a key role in the development of the Honduran economy. It has since built a long and trusted history, promoting economic growth through corporate lending as well as providing banking services to small and midsize enterprises and individuals throughout the country.

As the only bank in Honduras with a nationwide presence through branches and non-banking counterparts, Banco Atlántida remains one of the country’s leading financial services organizations and steers financial inclusion efforts by providing access to financial services to the otherwise unbanked population. In all, the bank serves more than one million customers through a large national footprint, including operations in El Salvador, Belize, Nicaragua, and Ecuador.

Banco Atlántida credits its consistent leadership in key performance areas, such as deposits, to the experience and integrity of its employees. Cultivating a professional culture rooted in diversity and inclusion, Banco Atlántida employs a multigenerational team from across Honduras. Strong ties with the community also loom large for this bank, with frequent corporate responsibility activities organized to help people in need.

Banco Atlántida is a well-respected bank committed to meeting its clients’ needs by working with efficiency, agility, and innovation. The bank strives to promote access to financial services and financial education nationwide with convenience and high security standards.

Central to this commitment is the delivery of a positive experience for customers and employees alike. With COVID-19, this called for the bank to accelerate the deployment of its digital transformation strategy so customers could continue to complete their financial activities uninterrupted. And for the well-being of its employees, the bank implemented special programs and safety measures. This included a smooth transition to remote work while maintaining close contact with coworkers and their superiors through technological tools including interactive communication.

A major part of its digital transformation strategy involved streamlining its HR operations and improving how work gets done with people-centric processes that are enabled by unifying HR functions into a single user-friendly system. Specifically, the bank integrated its core HR database and SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management Suite.

Linking the SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central solution with modern tools for learning, performance and goals, succession and development, recruiting, and compensation management, Banco Atlántida established a single source of HR data truth. Self-serve tools free up its HR team from performing manual tasks and increase employee engagement by giving its people access to the information they need, when they need it.

Banco Atlántida can also embed personal learning objectives and design courses specifically for people who are getting ready to take on a new role. All this functionality comes with robust reporting, allowing the bank to monitor training completions and identify knowledge gaps.

Reflecting on the HR transformation, María José Rodríguez, vice president of Human Resources at Banco Atlántida comments, “Our people have readily embraced the digital transformation of HR processes. Strategic initiatives such as succession plans and performance reviews are now monitored and executed digitally, and routine operations are easier than ever. For example, employees request paid time off through a virtual and speedy system, and they can access their customized learning experience whenever it suits them best.”

“In the long term, we expect even more benefits from digital employee experiences, such as enhanced continuous performance appraisals, which will help us surpass client expectations and foster our company growth,” Rodríguez adds.

In addition to its investment in advanced HR technology, Banco Atlántida has migrated its enterprise data to SAP S/4HANA. This provides the technology foundation to help meet the constantly evolving needs of its customers and enhance their experience with its financial services offerings.

As its customers become more confident conducting many of their day-to-day activities in a digital way, Banco Atlántida will be well prepared to deliver constantly updated solutions, while its people will be ready to better meet customer needs.

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