The stakes for innovation have never been higher and the urgency to move to the cloud has never been more immediate – but the skilled talent necessary to fill those needs is in short supply. With the SAP Cloud Application Services offerings, organizations are breaking through this gap and thriving.

Standing out in the current competitive landscape is a challenging balancing act. Businesses must innovate relentlessly, continuously, and faster than the competition with the agility of an insight-driven organization. But in a talent market where cloud roles continue to be difficult to fill, consistently delivering cloud innovations essential to business survival is becoming more challenging every day.

For SAP customers across 80 countries, the answer to closing their cloud innovation talent gap begins with SAP Cloud Application Services. Access to more than 1,500 experienced consultants who have served thousands of companies worldwide running SAP solutions is a particularly welcomed opportunity in this era of high expectations and limited resources.

Rising to the Talent Challenge with Managed Services

SAP Cloud Application Services cover the activities required to run SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP Business Technology Platform, and private and public cloud solutions from SAP. The managed services offerings help organizations run and manage the software solutions daily and improve and enhance them continuously throughout the innovation cycle.

SAP Cloud Application Services can deliver a full spectrum of value-adding support and solution improvement options, including:

  • Flexibility and simplification from both a commercial and consumer perspective, which is central to foster an innovation mindset
  • Expert issue resolution that adds business value with a comprehensive portfolio ranging from stable application operations to higher-value services, such as data management, release management, advanced monitoring, and innovation adoption
  • Support for all deployment models with a central focus on elastic and streamlined service consumption for cloud landscapes, including hyperscalers and public and private clouds

While simplifying solution management and enjoying the flexibility of customization, organizations benefit from having one point of contact to gain the expertise and knowledge they need, when they need it. Each customer receives a dedicated team comprising of a client delivery manager and service desk agents available 24/7 and consultants accessible on demand.

SAP Cloud Application Services are scaled to help meet unique business needs across solution operation, integration, optimization, and continuous evolution supported by a choice of fixed-priced, outcome-based subscription packages and custom-tailored services.

Adding Value to Innovation – Together

The capabilities of private cloud solutions from SAP have matured significantly in recent years, particularly in the form of customer flexibility, service-level security, and automation. Customers can use the technology to focus on their process and systems transformation with the confidence that the underlying infrastructure and computing platforms are secure, stable, and available.

SAP Cloud Application Services help customers focus on innovation, rather than spending their time on operations. Here, we also see the benefit of a strong “one app” portfolio, where SAP Preferred Success and SAP MaxAttention can give advice and guidance on adoption and future value-adding processes. SAP Cloud Application Services can facilitate the execution part, helping customers consume innovation quicker than before.

Optimizing Business Outcomes in the Cloud

While demands and budgets for cutting-edge innovation continue to grow, the lack of cloud talent may mean that such business expectations will need to wait. Many organizations choose to either pull away from their projects completely or slow them down significantly, no matter the growth potential.

SAP Cloud Application Services help ensure that SAP customers do not need to make that trade-off today, tomorrow, and in the years to come. Organizations can now future proof their applications, optimize ROI, and cultivate brand loyalty with low latency and high service availability – all while preserving the future of innovation.

Focus on what your company does best with well-supported application operations and innovation adoption. Learn more about SAP Cloud Application Services.

Arndt-Alexander Boehnert is global head and vice president of SAP Cloud – RISE, Cloud Application Services Sales at SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG.