You know full well the benefits of sustainability for your business – and our world. Customers, partners, stakeholders, and regulators are prioritizing sustainability, too, and increasing the pressure on businesses. Today and into the future, the growing importance of sustainability will continue to introduce significant new challenges across industries.

SAP Business Journeys for two key sustainability solutions can help.

With the business journeys for SAP Sustainability Control Tower and SAP Product Footprint Management, your business can stay ahead of customer demand, stakeholder expectations, and regulatory changes related to sustainability.

Start Tracking and Reporting Key Sustainability Metrics Fast

SAP Business Journeys are offerings designed to help your business with the planning, implementation, execution, and enablement of SAP solutions. With SAP Business Journeys, you can begin to smooth the path to sustainability by getting started with these solutions – and overcoming your greatest sustainability challenges – faster. They empower you to move forward toward a sustainable business with the confidence you need to achieve your goals on SAP solutions.

SAP Product Footprint Management provides the tools to help measure and track the footprints of your products. Use it to perform as-needed, automated, or scheduled calculations of emissions. The business journey for SAP Product Footprint Management helps you prepare for solution adoption so you can quickly begin to reduce your carbon footprint.

Take, for instance, a fast-growing bakery with nationwide distribution. A recent change in legislation means this business must now report the carbon emissions of its products. And if you think cake can’t have a complicated carbon footprint, think again. This bakery has to track and report emissions related to its raw ingredients, such as cacao beans and flour, as well as the energy it takes to bake the cake and transport the packaged finished product to retail locations for sale.

For this bakery, SAP Product Footprint Management helps reveal where emissions are too high and how the business can reduce them. The business journey can prepare this business – and yours – for a smoother implementation and fast ROI.

Reveal Insight into Sustainability across the Enterprise

SAP Sustainability Control Tower empowers you with transparency based on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) indicators gathered from dependable data. That means you can gain key sustainability insights, monitor your progress, and set targets to help improve your business performance. It’s helping businesses worldwide transform how they measure their sustainability KPIs – and then use those insights to create better, greener outcomes.

That bakery business could use SAP Sustainability Control Tower to report a large variety of sustainability metrics to regulators, partners, stakeholders, and even customers. For instance, if this bakery wanted to expand into a new country, it would need to follow that country’s sustainability standards and regulations. The solution can help report the necessary metrics to send to the right regulators. Or, if it wanted to target more sustainability-minded consumers, it could use its emissions metrics to help fuel a marketing campaign with sustainability metrics at the center of its message. The solution can help with that, too.

In addition, the solution can help you create a yearly sustainability report as part of your annual report much faster and more automated. For this, SAP Sustainability Control Tower provides tools that follow international standards so you can collect relevant data from multiple sources and report your sustainability KPIs quickly.

The business journey for SAP Sustainability Control Tower can enable this business and yours to reduce the time it takes to reveal key sustainability metrics not only by helping implement the solution faster, but also by supporting effective user adoption and enablement.

Get Started with Sustainability Solutions Faster Than Ever

With business journeys for SAP Product Footprint Management and SAP Sustainability Control Tower, you can break down barriers to sustainable operations and take control of your carbon emissions and other sustainability-related metrics. With the business journeys, your business can take advantage of:

  • Expert insight to identify the most effective route to sustainable digital transformation
  • Workshops to assess current and future requirements, targets, and strategies
  • Expert advice and actionable steps to improve change management and help boost user adoption

SAP Sustainability Control Tower and SAP Product Footprint Management are representative of SAP’s dedication to sustainability. As sustainability takes center stage for your business, SAP continues to design innovative solutions to fulfill your unique needs.

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Holger Wittwer is sustainability design lead for Cloud Success Services at SAP.