Technologies are much more than business process extensions and analytics and workflow enablers. They are also ingrained in the DNA of how people work, consume information, generate insights, communicate ideas, and collaborate.

This phenomenon is growing more apparent with each new infrastructure upgrade, intelligent innovation, and shift from on-premise solutions to software as a service. Such game-changing modernization can also help to improve the efficiency along the service delivery process and accelerate the time to value of service deliveries of premium engagements.

A modern cloud-based infrastructure – such as SAP Cloud ALM for service – can bring all stakeholders together in one place while helping ensure the same level of information and full transparency on all relevant information related to service delivery. In a digitalized format, service delivery outcomes become faster, simpler to consume, and trackable.

What Is SAP Cloud ALM for Service?

SAP Cloud ALM for service runs on the SAP Cloud ALM solution, helping to facilitate every step of the service delivery process. As a cloud-based collaboration platform hosted by SAP, it can provide three major capabilities:

  • Service delivery center: Helps support direct interaction with a single point of contact at SAP and access to a dashboard that transparently provides information on service delivery history and current and scheduled services
  • Service results: Helps provide service results documentation in a digitalized format that allows business and technology decision-makers to drill down the information to various levels of detail
  • Issues and actions management: Helps simplify handling and tracking of all issues, action items, resolutions, and resulting outcomes
The components of SAP Cloud ALM for service. Click to enlarge.

All elements of SAP Cloud ALM for service can work with each other like building blocks and can leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities. Together, they help form a single collaboration platform where you can exchange data in real time between SAP process and technology experts and your organizational users. In return, you can not only benefit from the lessons of thousands of deliveries completed in the past, but you can also gain extensive insight into your organization’s needs through continuous analysis, enhancement, and automation advancement.

How to Gain Access to the Service Option

SAP Cloud ALM for service is available free with an active SAP MaxAttention or SAP ActiveAttention services contract.

If you’re new to the SAP Cloud ALM solution, you can get detailed product information through SAP Support Portal. Here, you can find step-by-step documentation on how to directly provision your tenant of SAP Cloud ALM or enter the demo tenant of the solution to get a full picture.

Once your tenant of SAP Cloud ALM has been provisioned, you can use SAP Cloud ALM for service. To activate the option, follow the steps described here: How to Get Your Cloud ALM Tenant Ready for Service Deliveries.

Interested in learning how SAP Cloud ALM for service can take your IT modernization journey to the next level? Check out our expert-guided implementation sessions for SAP Cloud ALM in SAP Learning Hub and visit SAP Support Portal for more information. You can also reach out to your technical quality manager to further discuss the advantages.

Andreas Krueckendorf is vice president and chief service architect at SAP.