The natural order of work is drastically changing as new realities disrupt and suspend workplace traditions, models, and assumptions. For example, jobs are no longer exclusively tied to neatly defined processes or a single business function. Even decision-making is more democratized, regardless of role and experience, as work continues to occur primarily outside the four walls of the workplace.

According to a report from The Josh Bersin Company, today’s dynamic workplace environments require a human capital management (HCM) system that is “ready to use, productive from day one, welcoming to change, and easily adapted to.” The diversity and comprehensiveness of features incorporated into cloud-based human experience management (HXM) solutions from SAP fall into this category, setting the foundation for building impactful, next-generation HCM and HXM solutions.

Now, you can get the specialized resources and enhanced services necessary to unleash the full potential of your HXM solution investment. Using the SAP Preferred Success service for HXM solutions from SAP, expanded edition, you can optimize the value of SAP SuccessFactors solutions by benefiting from a closer partnership for workplace transformation.

A Close Partnership for Workplace Transformation

From planning to go-live and active operation of an SAP SuccessFactors solution, your business can realize significant value from SAP Preferred Success for HXM solutions from SAP, expanded edition. The edition can not only protect your workforce and organizational data and HR applications but can also set the foundation for a long-term partnership that drives continuous knowledge transfer, technical upskilling, and increased awareness of relevant software updates.

Building on the existing SAP Preferred Success service for HXM solutions from SAP, the edition helps accelerate business transformation success. It can provide extended access to subject-matter experts in cloud adoption, a set of prescriptive reviews of business needs and applications that support daily operations, and assistance with feature adoption. More importantly, you can develop and operate resilient solutions, maximize the value of your cloud investment, and make effective decisions that support business goals.

Let’s start with extended access to functional technical resources. Your HR organization and stakeholders can engage with experts offering the technical and functional guidance you need to understand existing business processes, assess and maximize product usage, and accelerate outcomes. Throughout this service engagement, you can closely collaborate and align future updates, landscape changes, and service delivery and follow-up with a technical and functional resource. The expert can also help orchestrate how-to conversations, review your calendar and plans, and document your landscape.

Then, with proactive monitoring, you can work with an SAP technical resource to oversee the five most critical managed jobs for your business. You and an SAP delivery specialist can create a standard operating procedure for each job, which is used to determine what needs to be done and which actions should be taken if a failure arises.

Next, an annual solution stabilization review of all live modules of your HXM solution investment is conducted. This experience allows you to schedule services required to be completed for each live module and validates usage compared to best practices to identify gaps or improvement opportunities. Moreover, you can gain recommendations for continuous improvement activities and increased adoption over time.

And last but not least, new feature activation is available to help plan, discover, explore, test, enable, and measure the impact of new functionality. Subject-matter experts can kick off the activation process by mapping your success plan as part of an inclusion list and recommending features that best meet your needs. Then, with the help of an SAP delivery specialist, you can activate your chosen feature in a nonproductive landscape, define a testing strategy that contains a base-level unit evaluation, and start testing in a productive environment. During regular touch points, you and your customer success partner can review the usage of the feature and its impact on your business success plan.

Driving Continuous Value in the Workplace

The ever-evolving and continuously improving nature of the cloud is shaping a future where employees of all roles and seniorities are consistently engaged, empowered, and motivated. And with the prescriptive guidance and personalized assistance of SAP Preferred Success for HXM solutions from SAP, expanded edition, you can bring that vision to life with less risk, greater flexibility, and better transparency.

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Sébastien Brun is global director of Customer Success at SAP.
Marcel Bitter is global director of Customer Success at SAP.