Rapidly evolving technology presents endless possibilities for enhancing the user experience (UX). SAP is seizing this moment to usher in a new era of efficiency, productivity, and engagement for businesses and their employees by integrating HR processes into the flow of work.

AI in HR: Cultivate a dynamic, inclusive, and future-ready workforce 

A prime example of this modern digital shift in UX is embedding high-value, critical HR tasks directly into the applications employees use daily. By integrating SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) Suite with other workplace technology solutions, SAP enables people to perform HR tasks without interrupting their daily work.

All of us have seen how artificial intelligence (AI) can increase process efficiency and productivity, reduce human errors, and elevate user standards. But UX will change the most as the potential for new AI capabilities and models is expanded to address pressing business needs and employee expectations.

Shaping the User Experience with a Purpose

Whether predictive, conversational, or generative, advancements in business AI are expected to bring the most significant shift in how people use technology at work.

By investing in AI to strengthen SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite, SAP supports how people naturally interact, get work done, and leverage technology in the workplace. And best of all, we are doing it ethically by following our guiding principles to be:

  • Relevant: Helping users get greater insights and perform tasks more efficiently with AI designed with business context in mind to enhance the flow of work
  • Reliable: Using AI that is trained on the customer’s industry and company data and accessible in the solutions used each day
  • Responsible: Running responsible AI built on leading ethics and data privacy standards while maintaining full governance and lifecycle management across an entire organization

By only employing AI technology that meets our stringent standards, we help our customers ensure the delivery of a meaningful and engaging UX for their entire workforce. Doing so allows employees to not only reach their full potential but also feel accomplished, supported, and engaged.

For instance, HR professionals and their stakeholders are unlocking higher engagement and productivity for their employees, organizations, and businesses through their recruitment and talent development processes. One of the ways this is being accomplished is by unifying SAP SuccessFactors solutions with leading business productivity applications such as Microsoft Teams and further enhancing that integration with AI embedded in SAP SuccessFactors solutions to generate suggestions and recommendations using natural language. 

This business-oriented AI innovation represents some of the fundamental changes SAP is creating to transform how people will experience work in the years to come.

Future-Ready HR for a Future-Ready Workforce

Our AI-enabled use cases for SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite are exceptional evidence of how HR tasks — from talent acquisition and talent management to core HR processes — can become a natural extension of people’s everyday work experience.

Consider the value of these scenarios heavily used in the recruiting process:

Creating Job Descriptions

Hiring managers and recruiters can fine-tune job descriptions with generative AI within the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting solution. This allows them to incorporate supplementary content, identify biased language, and help ensure alignment with business requirements. Once the final version is approved by the appropriate hiring manager and assigned recruiter, the job description can be published in SAP SuccessFactors solutions.

Instead of starting from scratch every time a new position is created or requirements are updated, recruiters and hiring managers can draft job descriptions faster and stay in their normal flow of work. And more importantly, the final content is more meaningful, inclusive, and competitive — attracting a larger pool of qualified and interested candidates.

Interviewing Candidates

Hiring managers can construct unbiased and more effective interview questions by using AI-generated prompts, creating an exceptional impression on the candidate and leading to the right decision for both parties.

Recruiters and hiring managers can also provide their assessment of candidates throughout the process through Microsoft Teams, which is then captured by SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting for further evaluation.

The Right Time to Ignite HR’s Full Potential

To learn more about how adding HR processes into the flow of work with business AI can redefine the user experience for your employees, register for SuccessConnect Virtual to access a variety of breakout sessions, demos, Q&A sessions and more on this topic, all available on-demand, including:

Take this opportunity to explore new opportunities to redefine your HR experience — setting the foundation for igniting the potential of your workforce and meeting the demands of a changing world.

AJ Whalen is a senior director of Solution Marketing at SAP.

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