From October 18-22, NYA Studios in the heart of Hollywood will host LA Fashion Week (LAFW), where it will showcase innovative fashion presentations, runway shows, interactive activations, and more while pushing creative boundaries over the course of five days.

For the first time, SAP and LAFW are teaming up to unleash creativity of emerging designers with the innovation power of SAP.

Innovation becomes tangible at the SAP Experience Center

The LAFW Retail Experience powered by SAP is a unique storefront located at the official central hub for all LAFW activity at NYA Studios in Hollywood, California. This innovative endeavor reimagines the traditional retail landscape by combining creativity, commerce, and technology.

Each day, different designers participating at LAFW will bring their collection to display within the experience to highlight their work for all attendees of LAFW. In-season products will be made available to purchase for the public at the LAFW Retail Experience powered by SAP. Additionally, select designers will provide a customization booth for limited edition designs and patterns that will be applied to items such as denim jackets, T-shirts, and tote bags live onsite.

At the specially commissioned version of the SAP Experience Center, SAP highlights how its solutions bring transparency and convenience to retail processes in order to make a circular economy part of everyday business.

The future of fashion has to be circular, which is rallied home when you read the reality from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, which states every second, the equivalent of a garbage truck-load of clothes is burned or buried in landfill. The LAFW Retail Experience powered by SAP will be diving deep into how designers can help to stop this.

Different booths that showcase how SAP can help designers inspire and engage consumers by making the transition to a circular business model. Shifting to a circular business model that uses resources responsibly and creates garments designed for extended wear, while recycling promotes the circulation of products and materials at their highest value by verifying material provenance from origin to end-of-life.

At one booth, you can learn how to understand current and future demand to ensure the right inventory reaches stores and customers every time. Another booth will show you how to improve speed and responsiveness by staying ahead of change with intelligent planning that enables you to adapt to any circumstance, which helps shorten delivery and shipment cycles.

You can also visit a booth that helps achieve comprehensive value chain transparency from raw materials sourcing to last-mile logistics and recycling, which improves the environment, business, and people’s lives. At another booth, you can gain transparency along the entire supply chain of your purchased product from raw material to delivery, both from the customer’s and the business’s standpoint. You can explore alternative options for each step and discover more about their performance KPIs.

Finally, you can visit a booth that showcases how you can collaborate with the best available suppliers by gaining a comprehensive understanding of your supply chain. Strive for zero waste by incorporating resilience and circularity into your supply chain.

If you cannot attend LAFW and want to learn more about the SAP retail technology ecosystem in an immersive fashion experience, access the SAP Experience Center at sap.com/experience-centers.

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