How an Expanded Partnership Amplifies the Value of SAP Business Technology Platform


One key aspect of running a digital business is the critical focus on achieving business outcomes that translate into business value. But much work remains to deliver that value consistently.

According to a recent IDC report, the key challenges impeding the full realization of digital value include: IT complexity and high barriers to innovation, digital skills gaps and lack of on-demand expertise, and limited integration between technologies and data silos.

Unleash digital innovation across business functions with SAP BTP

These challenges indicate the need for a flexible, extensible, and open digital business platform. For many organizations, SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) is the answer. The platform can provide the development environments, applications, tools, content, and resources they need to help drive innovation, growth, and outcomes that translate into real business value.

But it’s also conceivable to further amplify and extend the platform’s value, thanks to the SAP Preferred Success plan for SAP Business Technology Platform, expanded edition. The edition can provide access to product specialist resources, learning, prescriptive one-on-one advisory, design and activation of platform capabilities, and proof-of-concept development.

Additionally, this edition of SAP Preferred Success can offer guidance on migrating from cost-intensive, on-premise environments to the cloud and adopting new features. It can also facilitate quality reviews for solution stabilization and enhanced service-level agreements – all delivered through an outcome-based partnership with SAP.

Navigating the Way Forward with the Right Expertise

Business demand for new technologies, capabilities, and processes is constantly evolving. But one thing is unchanged: the urgency to deploy innovations and realize expected outcomes faster. In return, organizations must become more flexible, extensible, open, and integrated to resolve business challenges in ways that drive concrete results.

Get a personalized, proactive partnership for the lifetime of your cloud solution

While adopting a unified platform is critical, companies must also combine the right applications, tools, content, and resources to deliver optimal value. This includes honest discussions and precise decision-making focused on closing skill gaps, sequencing transformation steps, securing full integration, and advancing data analytics and automation.

SAP Preferred Success for the expanded edition of SAP BTP can fulfill that requirement, helping to bring genuinely digital-first businesses to life. The edition combines the existing SAP Preferred Success service with more technical and functional expertise and predefined, built-in services through a simple contractual model. This approach helps increase productivity, reimagine processes, accelerate innovation, steer adoption of next-generation technologies with lower TCO, and improve go-live and risk mitigation.

Here are some new elements of the edition:

  • Product specialists provide functional and technical knowledge to help drive the adoption of SAP BTP, answering non-support-related questions, advising proposed SAP best practices, and recommending appropriate services.
  • Feature and platform activation services configure the capabilities of SAP BTP to help meet customer requirements. They include simple configurations, connectivity setup, modeling, visualizations, and enablement to help activate tenants while excluding changes to the platform’s standard features and capabilities.
  • Use case and business process design and realization deliver the “to be” architecture based on SAP BTP. SAP experts design and develop proof of concepts, prototypes, or pilots for a greenfield or extension use case inside a sandbox tenant that leverages the principles of SAP BTP. The scope of this element excludes production readiness and production deployment.
  • Migration and re-platforming recommendations allow customers to discover and develop their unique migration path to the cloud. The on-premise solution architecture is analyzed for re-platforming to SAP BTP while adhering to clean core principles.
  • Solution review helps identify patterns that may cause system instability and proposes potential resolutions related to data, integration, configuration, performance, and overall cloud service setup during complex and custom implementations. SAP validates whether a deployment of SAP BTP follows SAP best practices.

All these built-in resources and services – including the scope and delivery sizing based on SAP internal benchmarking – are designed to help enhance innovation capabilities throughout your platform journey, including the run and optimize phases.

As a result, SAP customers can increase the speed of application development, process automation, integration, data management, and analytics with the efficiency and agility needed to become and run a full-fledged digital-first business. More importantly, they can shape their business model to drive technology adoption and ongoing hypergrowth.

Unlocking Potential with Flexibility, Choice, and Insight

Extending and personalizing everything from applications to processes requires a development environment that’s ready to take on the next innovation use case while running undisrupted operations and fueling ongoing growth. However, reaching this level of business agility and resilience requires access to hands-on guidance with the right expertise and digital capabilities.

With SAP Preferred Success for SAP BTP, expanded edition, organizations can gain the best of both worlds through an enhanced partnership they can trust. And very quickly, their vision of a digital-first business can become a reality as the value of their investment in SAP BTP deepens.

Ready to amplify the impact of your investment in SAP Business Technology Platform? Visit us or contact your local SAP representative to learn more about SAP Preferred Success for SAP Business Technology Platform, expanded edition.

Amit Lodhe is global solution owner for SAP Preferred Success for SAP Business Technology Platform at SAP.

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