SAP was recently named a Strategic Challenger in the 2024 Fosway 9-GridTM for Learning Systems, a multidimensional learning market analysis model. As a Strategic Challenger, SAP is recognized as demonstrating solid performance with solutions that have a rich and broad suite of capability compared to the market.  

With the widened availability of AI, the race for skills is impacting both people and organizations. While people are learning how to use AI to drive more efficiency within their individual roles, organizations are also under pressure to adopt AI technology that can deliver more personalized development opportunities and greater talent intelligence.  

Over the last year, SAP has made significant investments across SAP SuccessFactors solutions, specifically in SAP SuccessFactors Learning, to deliver these capabilities. 

Boost employee skills while helping ensure compliance with SAP SuccessFactors Learning

These investments are part of a broader strategy to help our customers focus on accelerated skills growth and build a future-ready workforce. Recently, we released a redesigned integrated learning experience that can deliver an entirely new way for people to experience learning at work. The highly personalized experience can guide the learner to not only accomplish compliance trainings – what they “have to learn” – and organizational goals – what they “need to learn” – but also helps to drive an intrinsic culture of learning around what they “want to learn,” tapping into each individual’s needs, aspirations, interests, or preferences based on their growth profile.  

Furthermore, the AI-powered talent intelligence hub is now available across all SAP SuccessFactors solutions. It is a framework that helps organizations understand the skills their employees have today, the gaps that exist, and how to close those gaps. With this intelligence, SAP SuccessFactors Learning can continue to deliver even more personalized learning and development recommendations. 

“The level of innovation within the learning systems market continues to accelerate rapidly – specifically around AI and skills,” said David Wilson, founder and CEO of Fosway Group. “As a major vendor in this space, SAP continues to invest significantly in innovating its learning and talent capabilities, reflecting its focus on enhancing the value it delivers to learning buyers as well as its wider HCM audience.” 

Source: 2024 Fosway 9-GridTM for Learning Systems. Click to enlarge.

Both multinational and midsize companies leverage SAP SuccessFactors Learning, along with our partner ecosystem, to help drive upskilling and reskilling and create a culture of continuous learning. 

San Pablo Farmacia, a Mexico-based pharmacy retail chain, created an intuitive and engaging training experience that employees can consume at their convenience. By integrating the learning solution with other talent management applications, it can design personal training and development plans in line with its growth strategies and the individual needs of the entire workforce. The company delivered certified training to 1,800 employees without the need to transport its people to a training location and take them away from their pharmacy stores. 

Delta is also embracing AI to drive upskilling and personalized development opportunities. “We are incorporating disruptive technologies like our AI-driven skills ontology that automatically incorporates industry trends with embedded intelligence,” said Tim Gregory, managing director of HR Innovation and Workforce Technology at Delta. “We can say which skills are most important to Delta Air Lines and the employee can easily combine those with their current capabilities, strengths and styles, and aspirations to create a personal career path. All of the content is based on Delta-specific skills and personalized to each employee’s career goals.”  

Looking ahead, we will continue to deliver more learning-specific enhancements and new AI capabilities throughout 2024 across all SAP SuccessFactors solutions so leaders can hire the best talent and grow their personal skills with individualized plans while building up the compliance and strategic skills needed by the organization.  

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Vinita Venkatesh is vice president of Product Management for SAP SuccessFactors Learning. 

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